My binary trading system - OpenUp

I want to provide you with an overview of my new uncomplicated trading system. I will not deceive you by promising mountains of gold, but still there is something special about it.

Otherwise I would not close every week with a profit!

My binary trading system - OpenUp

My trading system - OpenUp

The first thing you need to trade on my vehicle is a proven binary options broker and additional analytics software.

Personally, I chose a broker. After all, this is probably the only broker whose option trading can be really profitable. As a special software for analytics, I chose Meta Trader 4 platform, you can download it.

After you download and install this platform on your PC, you need to load the template and indicators of my trading system into it (download here)

To do this, you need to extract and transfer files from my archive to the root directory of MT4 (it is located on the C \ Program Files drive). After that, it is necessary to overload the MT4 and, in its interface, by pressing the "TEMPLATES" button, apply my indicators (the "OpenUP" template).

Now you have the following quotation chart:

My binary trading system - OpenUp

How to trade OpenUp strategies:

What would be a deal it was convenient to conclude, you need to put together 2 platforms: a web terminal to enter into transactions and Meta Trader 4 to simultaneously analyze the market of the selected asset:

My binary trading system - OpenUp

Transactions DOWN are concluded if:

  1. Asset quotations go up and go beyond the TMA indicator channel
  2. Signal lines on the bottom Double MACD indicator intersect in the down direction
  3. After the occurrence of the data indicator ditch, you need to open a deal and send it DOWN:
    My binary trading system - OpenUp

Transactions are UP, if:

  1. Quotes the asset will go down and go out of the channel of the TMA indicator
  2. Signal lines on the bottom Double MACD indicator will cross each other in the upward direction
  3. After the occurrence of these indicators, you need to open a deal and send it UP:
    My binary trading system - OpenUp

How to select the expiration period

When trading through the system, no matter what asset you use: currency pairs, stocks, indices or products. But the expiration period must be chosen depending on the timeframe that you selected on the MT4 platform to analyze the chart of quotes.

If the TC template is placed on the chart of quotations on the M5 timeframe (1 candle = 5 minutes), then the expiration time should be 30 minutes. If you have chosen the M15 timeframe - the expiration period should be set for at least 2 hours. This is another "plus" trading system.

For my clients, my Binomo broker offers expiration times from 1 minute to 1 year , so I use my trading system both for intraday trading and for long-term investments.

What kind of income does the OpenUp TS bring?

I will not greatly praise my trading system, but it really works profitably! In a week, my earnings are about 10% -20% plus a deposit. The sum of my deposit is growing steadily, the main thing, when concluding transactions, not to take big risks .

By the way, speaking of transactions, my Binomo broker has their minimum size - 1bax, so you can trade on this system without any drawdowns!

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