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On September 12, at 4:00 pm, leading experts in the field of search promotion and representatives of analytical portals and services will come together to discuss the behavioral factors of ranking sites. This is probably one of the least lit areas of search promotion.

  • How much do site behavioral factors influence ranking in PS?
  • Effective methods for improving site behavioral factors.
  • Man-made effects on behavioral factors: an effective tool for promotion or a weapon to “shoot” competitors?

Answers to these and other equally acute questions, discussions and exchange of opinions are all you see at the round table.

The following experts will perform:

  • Evgeny Trofimenko (Euhenio), SEO expert, founder of Promosite. ru;
  • Artem Shkondin (AiK), SEO expert;
  • Evgeny Osokin (Eugen), SEO expert;
  • Nikolay Khivrin, head of MegaIndex. Tv;
  • Daniel Herena, web- analyst at TriLan, a representative of the online publication SeoPro. ru;
  • С rge Dobrovolsky, Project Manager, Movebo. ru;
  • Vasily Tkachev, Project Manager All in Top.

Informational sponsors will be respected online publications, analytical services, and the search engine optimization community:

  • SeoNews. Ru;
  • SeoPro. Ru;
  • Webmasters. Ru;
  • MegaIndex. Tv;
  • AllinTop . ru.

The round table will be held online.

To participate, you must register. The number of places for participants of the broadcast is limited! On the registration page you can also ask your question to the experts of the round table.

All participants of the round table service Movebo. ru gives 50% bonus code to recharge.

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