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I once wrote about Movebo and its methods of promoting behavioral factors. However, since then a lot of water has flowed away, which seems to indicate that it would be nice to go through the changes that have occurred since then. Moreover, quite recently a new version of the service has become available to users.

The changes affected, in particular, two areas.

First, the interface. Not that it was possible to get confused in it before, but now it has become much more obvious to understand - the site is added to the system in three clicks, and then you decide: choose one of the basic promotion strategies or customize everything yourself.

Secondly, pricing. Now users can choose between four strategies:

  • “Economical” - search engines perceive the promotion as naturally and inexpensively as possible - the monthly budget for one keyword will be only 30 rubles.
  • "Optimal" - corresponds to the name - the optimal price / quality ratio;
  • "Turbo" - more expenses, faster result.
  • "Profi" is suitable for those who are familiar with the topic firsthand and can independently carry out a deep setting of the strategy, for which the system provides a rich toolkit.

Service statements about the results are not unsubstantiated - webinars are regularly held on their website, at which both customers and service organizers share experience in using the system, creating promotion campaigns, and so on. Real promotion cases are of the greatest interest - I will bring two of them here.

Case №1

The site on the themes of fashion and beauty was promoted with the help of the system from November 2012, the total budget was 7300. During this time, other methods were used, but not too systematically. The result was quite impressive:

Keyword Frequency Starting Position Total Position Budget (rubles)
COP 1 1654 29 14 (+15) 125
COP 2 4494 32 11 (+21) 310
COP 3 2247 32 9 (+23) 530
COP 4 278 24 5 (+1 9) 125
COP 5 8110 18 15 (+3) 540
COP 6 3993 16 4 (+12) 350
COP 7 7641 26 11 (+15) 205
COP 8 334 8 3 (+5) 540
COP 9 95 13 2 (+11) 375
COP 10 45 21 1 (+20) 520
COP 11 85 20 5 (+15) 360
COP 12 485 13 2 (+9) 1415

Case No. 2

Here the results are perhaps even more impressive.

The site on card equipment used promotion through Movebo for the entire four months with the following results:


Frequency by wordstat

Duration of service progress and budget




4 months / 980 р.

11 (+35)



4 months / 390 p.

14 (+15)



4 months / 515р.

1 (+14)



4 months / 1145р.

1 (+7)



4 months / 425р.

1 (+14)



4 months / 335r.

1 (+8)



4 months / 470r.

1 (+13)



4 months / 1140р.

1 (+14)

Other methods were also used (perpetual and leased links, internal optimization), but nothing beyond the ordinary. Given the age of the site (almost seven years), four months is too short a time for them to suddenly begin to have a real impact.

Gifts for friends

In addition, from May 28 to June 28, the service runs a campaign "Friends per million." You can read more about it on the Movebo website, but in brief it comes down to the following:

Each registered user receives a thousand rubles as a gift, which he can freely transfer to the account of any other user; if you transferred this money to your new referral, the service again gives you a thousand. Of course, you cannot withdraw funds, but you can easily pay for Movebo sessions.

The only thing to remember is that when the amount of transactions reaches a million, all unused bonus funds will be lost, so it makes sense to hurry.

In other words - a good reason to try Movebo in action, if you have not dealt with it 🙂

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