Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

It is not only convenient, but also profitable to invest money on the Internet. Forex and other difficult niches are best left to professionals, investment games are created for beginners.

Recently, there have been so many created that your eyes are spreading, but you should not register everywhere, you need choose the best projects.

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018 - without investments, without points, we decided to make sure that every newcomer chooses a truly worthy project and is guaranteed to receive payments. For convenience, we have divided the selection into several parts, it will help to choose the game for any desires and requirements.

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

5 TOP games with money withdrawal without investments 2018

Let's start with the projects where at the start investments are not necessary . Starting capital is not for everyone, moreover, to invest when you are not sure in return you do not want. Some sites provide bonuses, sometimes it is proposed to perform some actions. For a full list of games, see the link.

In any case, you can start without money:

  1. . I'll start with the most interesting game, in which a lot of additional features. They earn money on cars here, they are acquired for real money and slowly make a profit. Cars are divided into levels, the profitability and the payback period depend on the price.

The minimum cost is 49 rubles, but even they need not be deposited:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

There are no welcome bonuses in this game, but there is a daily bonus. He brings up to 5 rubles a day. Also registered users have access to the CLIX section, where there are links to the advertised sites.

You simply visit these resources and get rewards; you can save up on the first machine:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Different sites are advertised, and no action is required on them. Very soon in the same section there will be paid tasks, they will bring even more money. In the meantime, only surfing is available, and the longer it takes to stay on the site (20-60 seconds), the more they pay:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Without an investment in Taxi, Money also helps to earn an affiliate program. From deposits of invited players pay a minimum of 25%. If you pass the qualification, the rate rises to 40%. Improving qualifications for inviting a certain number of referrals.

  1. . The second game also allows you to open a virtual business, but only bird farms. For registration, bonus silver coins are given here, the first bird is bought for them. But that's not all, if you join their official VK group, you get a yellow bird (it is forbidden to leave the community):
Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Daily bonuses in the game bring up to 100 silver, 5 maximum bonuses and enough for a green bird. As in the previous game, sites are viewed here for small rewards. In the surfing section, the advertised resources are displayed, payment in silver coins:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

On referrals here you can also earn from scratch. Comes from 5% to 35% from referral deposits at 3 levels. If a guest member watches a surfing site, 5% of the reward comes. Plus, a penny is being charged for referring to an affiliate link. All profits on ref. The system is split in half between the main balances.

  1. . Farm for earning animals created by the players on this site. Without investments, you can earn immediately after registration, since 1000 coins are paid for passing it.

But this is not enough, join the Vkontakte group and get a goat as a gift, its cost is 25 rubles, it brings milk:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Affiliate program here even more profitable, with it comes to 40% of deposits. Only 5 levels, when someone goes on your ref. link comes 1 penny to the balance. As in the previous game, profits are split between accounts for withdrawal and purchases.

  1. . Almost 54 million rubles. paid the game to her fans. Each of them bought the birds and collects eggs, then to sell them. The cheapest feathered costs 1000 silver, which is how much is given at registration.

In the "Free Birds" section you will find tasks, worthy rewards are paid for their implementation:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Brings a daily bonus a little, and if you want get a large amount, it is better to start inviting referrals.

Under the conditions, a minimum deposit of 100 rubles is required for withdrawal. or an active referral, so you need to invite someone to make money without investments. The referral system here is 5-level with percentages from 2 to 50.

  1. . In terms of design, the game is no different from the previous site. There are all the same birds, the first of them can be purchased for silver, which will be on the balance immediately after registration.

There is a daily bonus, it brings no more than 100 coins, but the most advantageous offer is the yellow bird for joining the VK group:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Payments from This site receives only those users who invite referrals (points are used).

Affiliate program 5-level (20% -10% -5% -5% -5%), it helps to start without investing in the game. If you don’t want to look for players, simply deposit 100 rubles to your balance and buy points for game currency through the silver exchange.

  1. - start planting beds, sell vegetables and withdraw money without points. Unique design, welcome bonus, gifts for joining the VC group and replenishing the balance, earnings on surfing, 10 withdrawal methods, 3-level affiliate program - the advantages of the project can be listed indefinitely.

All games with the withdrawal of real money without investments are worthy of attention, however, it must be remembered that such projects can quickly close. With the submitted projects I have been for a few months (and with some for several years), I make money myself. Search for start-up capital is not required.

13 paying games without points 2018

It makes no sense to explain what is the advantage of games with the withdrawal of money without points. They don’t have to invite anyone, affiliate programs are needed only to start from scratch or to secure passive income.

Payment points in games are not always used, but there are not so many quality projects with output without invitations:

  1. - attracting referrals to the game is not necessary, but up to 40% is charged from the 1st line from deposits, and from the second up to 8%. The main task of the player is to build as many productions as possible and collect magnates. Domestic currency makes a profit on the machine. Payments you can receive on wallets Payeer or Webmoney.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  2. —In April 2017, a game appeared where players buy different points for sales. They receive a passive profit, it remains to occasionally go to the site to collect profits and display profits in a convenient way. No points, there is a welcome bonus and a profitable affiliate program (1 level 10% from deposits, 2 level 3%, 3 level 2%).
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  3. -register, buy mine, sell ore and put the resulting gold on the output. Payment points for this will not be required, but if you invite friends, you will receive 10% of their deposits. Here you will find a lot of bonuses, including 15% when making a deposit. The administration is constantly finalizing its project and holds promotions.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  4. - start earning money in the game without spending a dime. Due to the welcome bonus and surfing sites, you can do without investments. Plus, there are no payment points in the game. However, partners are actively registered, as there are 6 levels in the referral system and up to 30% of deposits from deposits.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  5. - users with this money-making game make money selling magic pollen. It is obtained by fairies, and you will get the first one for free, because there is a bonus for registration. Withdrawal to Kiwi, Poison, Payeer and bank cards. Affiliate program brings 7% of recharge (3% of the second line and 1% of the third line).
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  6. - a monster corporation with a withdrawal of money. The average payback period is 1 month. You can start without investments, there are a lot of bonuses. Monsters are given free of charge so that you can immediately start collecting fears. Profitability is high, and money is withdrawn to Payeer from 1 ruble. There is a 3-level affiliate program.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

High yield, daily bonus, the ability to purchase stock games with a withdrawal of money. Of the advantages, a 5-level affiliate program stands out. Distributed money from deposits, depending on the level of 10% - 5% - 3% - 2% - 1%. Money is withdrawn in 10 different ways, plus through Free Kassa (there are even more ways).

  1. . The only Golden withdrawal game translated into several languages ​​and used throughout the world. Even foreigners buy bushes here, collect leaves from them, sell them and order payments.

In addition to the lack of points, the project has a solid bonus for beginners at 100 rubles each. , this is a significant plus:

Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

A small bush is obtained for free, but it is not so profitable. Invest in other shrubs, and if there is no money, use the referral system. From 5 lines of invited participants comes 15% -5% -5% -5% -3%. Links and banners will provide you, look for players by any means.

Earnings on money-withdrawing games do not always force inviting users. Although this is also beneficial, I myself actively cooperate with all the projects submitted. I have thousands of referrals, so even if points are present, I see nothing wrong with that. In addition, the scores of the game are more stable.

15 time-tested games with the possibility of earning

I have long lost sight of how many online games with withdrawals from investments, I have already used. It was registered on hundreds of projects, but it turned out that some of them do not have time to work even several days.

Money and time spent on them fly away for nothing, so do not trust anyone, use those projects that have managed to gain a positive reputation:

  1. - a farm game with a conclusion money, which sells various birds. Reds for professionals bring 1,750 eggs per hour, they pay for themselves more quickly, but they are also expensive. If you deposit money to your balance, you will receive + 200%. Nothing to contribute? The affiliate program credited 30% -10% -5% from different lines of refs.
  2. - the project inspires confidence in at least its external appearance. The developers have made a strategy that is no worse than games without withdrawing money. Users need to develop their own cities in the Middle Ages. 50 rubles each distributed free of charge.
  3. - for verification, I bought several robots on the site. The energy received from them was sold, the money was withdrawn. Everything came to a penny, and the first deposit was also given 50%. Payments over 27 million rubles. show the solidity of the project, it pays more than 2 years.
  4. - there are points, but you can get rid of their accumulation by getting a VIP account. He is given for making +5000 rubles. on balance. The administration of such players gives free referrals. Well, the plot of the game is built on the extraction of ore from the mines by the dwarves, there are several types of them.
  5. is a simple chicken farm, with it comes the income from the sale of eggs. Lavish bonuses showered investors. Almost a year and a half to the project, gifts for registration are not presented. But there is a daily bonus and it is easy to start from scratch on invitations, 30% comes from replenishments.
  6. - with this simple game you will be able to earn money without investments, as beginners are given gifts, there is a daily bonus and a profitable affiliate program (30% of deposits). What to do? Buying cats and selling mice. Payments are stable, on Payeer or Qiwi, there are several bonuses for recharge.
  7. - a super game with a withdrawal of money, with a huge number of shares. Here you will be overwhelmed with rewards and bonuses, and in a month you really double the amount invested. The project went 1024 days, saplings are purchased in any quantity, and the fruits do not require constant monitoring, you can collect them any time.
  8. - register, get a welcome gift and immediately collect the profit. The heroes of the cartoon Ica Age will be profitable, it must sometimes be collected to order payments for different bills, phone or cards. Daily bonus depends on the total deposit, you can earn on surfing or referrals (12% from replenishment).
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  9. - no matter how much you invest, you will still receive 50% per month on this project. There are no tariffs here, you invest in the purchase of a car from 10 rubles and get a profit every second. Payments are available from 1 ruble, on Payeer and Yandex. Money. The referral system is 2-level (10% and 2%), bonuses are available every day and earnings on surfing.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018

Games with official money withdrawals give odds to many other projects for making money online. The main thing is not to dwell on one project. Investments need to be distributed in several directions, and if you want to start from scratch, be sure to look for people who would also like to work effortlessly.

Do not believe that earnings on the Internet through games with a withdrawal of money profitable? And you go to my income statement and make sure of the opposite.

Monitoring of games with a withdrawal for 2018 will help a huge audience to find projects with which they are guaranteed to make money. Scammers actively advertise their sites, I repeatedly stumbled upon them, so it is better to immediately select proven games from this collection.

Games that do not pay

  1. Vicecity is a social cash game where real estate is bought for passive income. They pay off in 3-5 months, depending on the amount invested. To start without investment, users are offered a loan, but it is better to invest at least 100 rubles. In general, you can do without money, there is an affiliate program, 2 levels of 15% and 4% from deposits.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  2. Monopolist - play without investments on a new project with plants. Build them and sell products to order payments with real money on different payment orders without restrictions. To start more efficiently, watch surfing sites, collect a daily bonus and invite friends, 7% will be paid from their deposits (+ 3% from deposits of those whom they invite).
  3. Elf-lord - earn money on the elves you have to hire. In total, you can buy 30 characters, they bring different resources. Animals can be bought without restrictions, and for processing products, several buildings are provided.Earn without investments, withdraw without points to Yandex, Payeer and AdvCash wallets.
  4. Kuznicagame - this game has a lot of advantages, a unique design, a welcome bonus, an original idea, a conclusion from 10 p. What is there to do? Buying tools for their own forge to start the production of weapons. The project is young, but the developers have many other investment games, the reputation is impeccable.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  5. Byketu is the easiest flower game where you need to collect rose petals. To do this, you first need to buy flowers, and for registration you will receive a bonus. There are no points in the game, there are bonuses for replenishing the balance, the developers guarantee to pay 90% of the reserve, automatic payments, an affiliate program of 5%.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  6. Myfologygame - for registration they give a gift to start without investments. Profit comes from the sale of gifts that are collected by mythical heroes. First you need to buy a mermaid, then a pegasus, a centaur, a griffin, and only then access to the minotaur is opened. He has the highest yield of 40%.
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  7. Riixle - earn Bitcoins in a business simulator. Register and without investment you will receive income (there is a welcome gift). You need to buy different types of businesses to increase income, the oil company with a payback of 46% per month is the most profitable. In addition to BTC, money is paid to Qiwi, Payeer and in other ways (minimum pay 2 cents).
    Monitoring the best games with the withdrawal of money 2018
  8. Wihtem is a simple game, you need to acquire W (charges) and you will receive a daily profit from them. After registration, 1 W is given as a gift, so you start without an investment. To develop, attract referrals and get 10% from replenishments. Can't invite players? Use your earnings on surfing.

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