Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

We need to test the niche. AdSense does this very well. AdSense makes it possible to determine if your niche is truly commercially viable among your customers. Your customers should be ready to buy. If not, even heavy traffic will not help you.

If your niche is not “solvent”, then it is better to find another niche, until you have wasted millions of hours improving the site, content, selection of the ideal product and promotion.

Data points

There are two important points when analyzing ad performance - impressions and clicks . Impressions reflect the user's reaction to advertising. It can be viewed thousands of times, but never click. Impressions of advertising in this case is zero.

Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

When the statistics are very scarce, say 2 clicks in total and 2 impressions, then talk about the analysis of the meaning of However, we should not ignore the first signs of the effectiveness of advertising. At the first signs, we can do a relative prediction of the effectiveness of our ads.

On the other hand, if you have a thousand clicks and more than a million impressions, says? This suggests that you have a huge traffic to the site, but there is no market. Millions see your ad, and only 1 in 1000 react to it. And how many of this thousand will buy your product? ... It is better to look for another niche.

Statistics Overview

Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

Let's start the review from the main page of the AdSense account. Here we can view revenue statistics by time intervals. By default, data for the current day is displayed. You can choose for a different period or for the entire existence of your AdSense account. Important indicators are impressions and clicks .

I had 4363 ad impressions and only 9 clicks. CTR page, in this case, is 0.21% . CTR is calculated as clicks * 100 / impressions (%).

0. 21% - not so good. And this is evident from the available data. Now I can analyze what I can improve in my site to increase the click-through rate on ads.

Primary analysis can be done after 200 hits. This is not an axiom. This is my recommendation. After 200 impressions, if you see that something is wrong, start taking steps to improve your site. If everything is OK, do not touch anything.

Filtering ads

Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

What can I do to increase revenue from clicks? For example, you can filter ads from competitors. To do this, go to the AdSense settings tab, and then click on the Competitive Ad Filter link. What can this be for competing ads? These are ads that do not relate to the subject of your site and do not belong to the target. If, for example, your website is about surfboards, then ads about cafes on the beach, where they ride on the same boards, will not be useful. This is another niche.

Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

To filter out the competing ads, you just need to enter their domain names in the filter field.

Ad Review Center

Another useful feature for dropping ads is Ad Review Center . Here you can allow and block Google certified ad networks, i.e., those networks that are not part of the AdWords network.

Monitoring adsense. Module 6. Day 3 - Profit Hunter

You can filter not by a separate site, but by whole categories. For example, I chose the filter by politics, religion, dating, sexual relations. These categories do not apply to my anti-smoking site.

AdSense has a good help system. You can find answers to many questions about working with AdSense in the help.

As you can see, simple mechanisms for customizing the display of advertisements on your sites can significantly increase advertising revenue.

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