Monetizing the site through frames, selling background traffic

There are many ways to monetize sites, but most webmasters use only some of the options that are most popular.

In fairness, this is advertising, both directly and through services and selling links. But there are other ways to make money on your site .

Monetizing a site through frames is not the best way to earn money from your resources; nevertheless, this option cannot be ruled out either. The bottom line is to install the frame on your resource, in which another resource opens. Thus, by visiting one site, the user visits 2 resources at once.

Monetizing the site through frames, selling background traffic

Sale of background traffic

Previously, this method was used much more actively, now not many people use it. Why do you need it? In most cases, this allows you to make the attendance counter cheat, and it is performed from other sites, which is of higher quality. Given the price of such traffic, this method is also one of the most profitable.

Unfortunately, there are three significant disadvantages of monetizing sites, through frames.

  1. Firstly, if frames with questionable content or a virus are displayed in frames, your project can fall into the category of “doubtful” sites in search engines.
  2. Secondly, for such actions filters may be applied to the site.
  3. Thirdly, your visitors may not like it, so the bounce rate will necessarily increase.

If the given reasons do not stop you, and you want to monetize the site through frames, then the best service for this is. The system has been operating since 2008 and provides protection from doubtful and virus-infected sites, so normal projects will be displayed in your frames.

Monetizing the site through frames, selling background traffic

For 1000 unique visitors from Russia pay 70 rubles, another 30 pay for 1000 transitions. Foreign traffic brings 30 rubles per 1000 hosts. There are also bonuses in the amount of 10%, which can be used to attract traffic for your site. The main advantage of the system is that you can add almost any sites.

After registering in this system, you will be charged 100 rubles, which you can use to add your site to frames of other sites. Even if you do not want to risk and make money on this, you can get free traffic to your sites.

When you make money online, you need to use all the systems you know, because in the complex they can be very useful to you.

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