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Want a list of ready-made search queries for monetization?

"Schara? Scare the topic? Why such generosity? What is the catch?" ... , everything would have been locked behind seven locks, if not for one “BUT”. Which one Affiliate program on earnings at trainings and seminars .

Monetize trainings and seminars - Profit Hunter

As you know, all seminars, trainings, conferences and other informational events are held at a clearly defined time. Information about future trainings and seminars is distributed online in advance, so that people can plan their time, find out the details, prepare. So, a big help for collecting search queries is precisely the schedule of meetings and their program. A few screenshots will clarify the situation. The first is the training schedule for June. The last column is the cost. Schedule page here.

Monetize trainings and seminars - Profit Hunter

If you click on the link that is the topic of the training, the page with a detailed description of the event and the program will open. This is another source of the collection of requests we need. Screen on the topic (piece) " Sales Department Conversion Plan: Efficiency 200% ":

Monetize trainings and seminars - Profit Hunter

I didn’t pay attention to requests at the beginning of the review. Trainings, seminars, conferences, etc. - this is a large amount of information where you can stock up on good demands. Is it not a ball? Thousands of webmasters are puzzled “what kind of requests, where to get them.” Please, here they are. It remains only to weed them out of general information and promote them as anchors to your exciting landing pages.

What are the topics of trainings and seminars?

  • Accounting and Taxes
  • Management
  • Law
  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Sales and sales
  • Seminars in St. Petersburg and Moscow region
  • Exit seminars

Another point is geo-targeting. This is a logical consequence of the schedule of meetings. one plus in promoting target countries c.


What do we have for webmasters?

  • You will receive 10% of the order amount of your clients in our training center, and this an average of 1,000 rubles per customer!
  • All attracted visitors are 100% taken into account.
  • Payments on demand.
  • Among Top Webmasters, contests are held, bonuses are played, gifts are given.

If you already have ready sites on a financial topic (here and about offshore companies) or education, banks, industry, management and management, etc. - this is a plus. Banners, news about training - this is one of the ways to attract the target audience. Further, the social network (the same LinkedIn), specialized forums ...

The topic of earnings at the seminars and training is relevant all year round. Details on registration here.

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