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Everyone who gets into the web business (and, let's be honest, among non-newbies, too, many adhere to this opinion) immediately think that it’s impossible to earn decent money with dealers (supposedly, they have cheap links), therefore they go on exploring on their own in Sape, by the way losing time to gain experience, in other words, they reinvent the bicycle once again. The time when it is necessary to delve into everything independently has passed, now there are companies on the market that already offer a finished product that allows you not to engage in nonsense and not spend nights on the Internet, in search of precious sales experience.

However, it all depends on the approach.

If you sell links with TOS, if you ignore the settings, or have curved hands, then, of course, the income will either be zero, or it will tend to zero. I suspect that the notorious myth is spread by just such people - for the simple reason that I managed to do without prohibitive efforts what, according to them, was impossible.

Yes, yes, I am going to show, using the example of I-Technologies, how to earn more money with dealers than on Sape. Just keep in mind two things:

  • This is mainly about normal SOMs or at least those close to them;
  • Select links and make adjustments manually.


Most important and most important! Having transferred the site to the system, let's start with the fact that we turn off all the automation, namely the automatic sale of links, this is done here:

Monetization strategy with Sape dealers - Profit Hunter

and auto-price assignment is here:

Monetization strategy with Sape dealers - Profit Hunter

The only thing is that it is not recommended (for obvious reasons), but below I will prove the opposite.

After that, we manually set prices based on the volume of the site (the more - the more you can exceed the price), TIC and your own common sense. On average, I recommend increasing prices from 25% to 50% compared to recommended.

Experience shows that sales are creeping up in the first week (although some losses at regular prices may still be), after which the prices are still better to be reduced - links at high prices start to buy up worse.

What else do you have to do with your hands? - carefully follow the growth rate. If it starts to decline, change prices, up or down. Experience shows that sales after this quickly come to life.

How does all this work?

  1. Wholesale algorithm - buy links from optimizers at maximum prices (if you have a choice)
  2. Auto-tracking of status pages : The optimizer refused to buy links

Analysis of each site. They look at Yerors, Sun, content, free places, and on the basis of all these checks either notify that sales have risen, or offer something from a long-term one, called “recommendations”. In sape, this is all tracked by hands, and here everyone offers everything, this is a good idea, at least some relief.

If you are a professional, then you will not learn anything particularly new, and if you are a beginner in this area, you will not only understand why sales go badly, but also take a little self-education 🙂


We turn to the most interesting and pleasant thing - how incomes change as a result.

I transferred my sites there, and the income in some places grew by one and a half times.

In total, I transferred 9 sites there.

Parameters Growth in%
Site1 TIC 100 UI ~ 7000 30%
Site2 TIC 130 UI ~ 3000 56 %
Site3 TIC 70 YAI ~ 700 50%
Site4 TIC 40 YAI ~ 3000 77%
Site5 TIC 40 YAI ~ 1000 20%
Site6 TIC 20 NPI ~ 700 45%
Site7 TIC 20 YAI ~ 500 30%
Site8 TIC 20 YAI ~ 1000 32%
Site9 TIC 20 NPI ~ 1000 40%

So I can tell from my own experience - those those who say that it’s impossible to earn money with dealers simply cannot deal with them.

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