Monetization site - the secrets of big money on the Internet

Why do some webmasters get a lot of money from their sites, and others a little? Of course, it depends on how well the project is promoted, but there are other factors as well.

You need to be able to convert the received traffic. Newbies do not think about it, and therefore fail.

The secrets of monetizing the site, which you will learn from this article, will help webmasters gain income, even if their sites are not popular enough. This can be compared with sales in production. Until you find a good sales channel, you will not see big profits.

Monetization site - the secrets of big money on the Internet

Monetization of the site - the secrets of big money on the Internet

First of all, a beginner needs to understand all available methods of monetization. Depending on the type of site, the effectiveness of a method can vary greatly. It is also necessary to take into account the target audience, its interests and preferences.

Of the main methods of earning on the site are:

  • selling links;
  • direct advertisers;
  • advertising;
  • affiliate programs;
  • your own business (for example, selling info products or paid consultations).

It is advisable to test each method separately in order to figure out which of them can bring the maximum profit, specifically with your site. It is worth noting that advertising is the most popular way, it must be considered as the main one.

It is impossible to say for sure which of the methods will work exactly on individual sites.

For example, through my website I make money on referrals, but this method is not suitable for owners of entertainment resources, news portals, blogs on various subjects. You need to look for options individually.

Monetization site - the secrets of big money on the Internet

How to increase revenue from the site?

Now you will receive several recommendations to squeeze the most out of your sites. Any traffic is converted, you only need to find the appropriate method or service.

But a high-quality advertising network does not always help to achieve better results, the webmaster should actively work:

  1. Effective promo banners should be beautiful, links should look natural , subscription forms are intuitive and so on. Promotional materials affect the number of clicks on advertising, try to make them perfect, the proposed templates are not always effective enough.
  2. Advertising space - if the site is monetized through advertising, then its place must be chosen the best places. As a rule, in the upper left corner, people hold more attention. Try to place the blocks right in the body of the article, in the header, sidebar and other areas to find your best place.
  3. Subjects of advertising - it makes no sense to advertise diapers on the automotive portal. For people to become interested in advertising, it should be interesting to them. This must be taken into account when making money through affiliate programs. And if you are engaged in selling links, choose only thematic sites.
  4. Landing pages - for the sale of goods and maximum earnings in affiliate programs, landing pages are simply necessary. Before you direct the user to the purchase page or to any service, send them to a special page with detailed information or even selling text.
  5. Experiments - set them as often as possible and collect statistics. They will help determine what works best, which places are suitable, how effective this or that landing and so on. Based on personal experience, you can find the best strategy for monetization.
  6. Increase of indicators - revenues from the site directly depend on its indicators. For example, profit from advertising depends on attendance, and the price when selling links depends on the TIC indicator. Make an effort to grow puzomerki and increased visitor.
  7. Non-standard methods - in addition to standard monetization methods, there are also unusual options. Look for them under your site, for example, if there are many external links, you can use earnings on short links. Look for interesting affiliate programs, useful services and try to apply them.
  8. Advertising concentration - on the one hand, I want to place a lot of different blocks so that they all bring profit. On the other hand, it is better not to annoy people. If you add too much advertising, revenues on the contrary may decrease, as visitors begin to scatter.

To squeeze the maximum out of sites, too, need to be able to, it comes with experience. Do not expect to find a method of monetization, which will always bring a lot of money. Prior to that, have a lot of things to try.

Monetization site - the secrets of big money on the Internet

With gaining experience, you will discover other secrets of monetizing sites. If you already have them, I will be grateful for the helpful comments. Share your methods, they will be useful to many.

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