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monetization of female traffic - Profit Hunter Sites for women are a rather specific area, operating according to their own, often quite peculiar rules. It is difficult to say what these rules dictate - a typical female site is filled with various sparkling, flickering, intrusive crap in your eyes. Apparently, the creators of such sites believe that women are in close relationship with the magpies, and the best way to attract their attention is to scatter around as many brilliant objects as possible.

Against this background, affiliate programs that calmly, without hysterics, demonstrate certain products and are ready to provide comprehensive information on it, by definition, will look beneficial - if only because they show respect to the target audience. A good example is the Make Up Profit affiliate program.

Moreover, the presentation of the material is far from its only advantage. The fact is that Make Up Profit is a pay-per-action affiliate program with a fairly high conversion percentage (about 1.5%). As a result, even on sites with a relatively modest number of visitors (say, one hundred unique), the income from such advertising can be very, very good. No joke - a partner gets 20% of the purchase amount. Taking into account that the average cost of one purchase is about 3000-3200 rubles, it turns out that 500-700 rubles are due for one visitor (and 60% of this amount is received by the partner immediately after the store manager confirms the order)!

1> monetization of female traffic - Profit Hunter

The main product at the moment - a means for the growth of eyelashes Magic Glance - and, judging by the number of positive reviews and a good income of partners, it really enjoys popularity. According to the creators of the affiliate program, in the future it is planned to expand the range.
The advertising strategy that Make Up Profit proposes to use for partners is also interesting - to install a through banner, but it should not lead to an online store, but to a special promotional article posted on the same partner site. The articles are written by professionals, they form an interest in the audience, prepare for purchase. Only after that the buyer enters the website of the online store. Such a scheme inspires customer confidence and increases traffic conversion.

Well, we should not forget about such an important point as the interface - with it, Make Up Profit is also doing well. It is easy to understand, the statistics are detailed and do not hide anything, customers can be seen, a handy wizard for installing promotional materials - there is no limit to perfection, of course, but no serious shortcomings can be called.

monetization of female traffic - Profit Hunter

We can also mention an additional form of cooperation for those who avoid affiliate programs - posting an article for a fixed price. But compared to what the affiliate program offers, it is truly a solution for those who have desired a strange

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