Monetization of entertainment traffic, 4 affiliate programs

Many people come online to look for fun. Webmasters also know this, so they create interesting sites with entertaining content.

Pictures, jokes, videos, any content is suitable for publication, and if with a sense of humor everything is in order and manages to create really interesting posts, the project is quickly gaining popularity.

Monetizing entertainment traffic also requires a competent approach. Alternatively, through such sites you can engage in sales of relevant products with the Biggon affiliate program.

Of course, this is not the only option, as there are many other affiliate programs, and the most profitable ones will be presented in this article .

Monetization of entertainment traffic, 4 affiliate programs

Affiliate programs for entertainment traffic

One of the most popular online entertainment is gambling. You can try to make money on your traffic using.

Not everyone likes to advertise gambling, if you are one of them, then use the following affiliate programs:

  1. - teasers without shocking advertising (which Yandex doesn’t like). You can adjust the blocks at your discretion, and the minimum payment per click is 40 kopecks. As practice shows, the conversion is high, the money is paid every week with a minimum salary of only 15 rubles. If you install ads, no one on your site will see erotic teasers showing illness or images from horror films.
  2. - this advertising service is suitable for women's entertainment sites. To increase revenue, the administration helps to find the best traffic conversion options. The advantages of cooperation with this system are many - the blocks fit perfectly into the design, GEO settings are available, only relevant ads are shown. Also, you can get paid for clicks or for 1000 views.
  3. - this project helps to monetize sites of different subjects. In order for advertisers to receive only targeted transitions, within the site system they are divided by subject (loans online, real estate, cars, etc.). It is better to use the services of an astrologer for entertainment traffic. People will pay for the services of an astrologer, and for each paid order you will be charged a reward.
  4. is a network of affiliate programs, in which the design has recently been updated. A choice of many different offers. To monetize entertainment traffic, use game offers, original products and unusual services. Money is withdrawn once a month from 50 rubles to Webmoney, Yandex. Money and cashless payments. The conversion is high, there are a lot of promotional materials and there are detailed statistics.
Monetization of entertainment traffic, 4 affiliate programs

Owners of large entertainment sites are good at these affiliate programs. You can become one of them, you can even connect several systems at once, just do not forget about the concentration of advertising.

In order to achieve maximum profit from your site, you must not only choose the right services for monetization, but also experiment.

Conditions are favorable on all the presented services , so try to use them and follow the statistics, this is the only way to determine the best affiliate program for your resource.

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