Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

We already have a site, content on the site too. Ads by Google Adsense is available. How else can you monetize the site? Placement on the site of partner products. Monetization Module and the program Market Samurai is designed just for this purpose - the search for a suitable product on the subject of our site.

Profitability Assessment

One of the biggest myths in Internet marketing is that you need to find an unused niche that no one has found. The paradox is that if no one has found such a niche, then the market has no demand for the goods of this niche. Buyers are not interested in this niche. Instead of searching for unused niches, it is better to use those where there is a great demand and purchasing power.

But what about competition? In popular niches, it is very high. How to get a novice in such a niche in the TOP? ... Is competition good or bad? ... The higher the competition in the niche, the higher the consumer demand, which means there is a lot of goods in such a niche and many people buy it. Plus the fact that your competitors have already made a huge advertising share. Products are promoted, they are recognizable. We just need to create a website, place content, analyze competitors in the TOP-1 ...

What is the most effective way to assess the profitability of a niche? . The more advertising and products on a particular topic - it means it is in great demand. On the move, you won’t find out exactly what consumers need today or tomorrow. To be ready and always be aware of the current and future needs of the market, you need statistics. This is what marketers do. A lot of factors are taken into account here: weather, season, state of the economy, fashion trends, stocks, competitors' products, demand for foreign markets, etc. This is a whole institute of statistics analysis. Can you yourself analyze everything? Hardly. Therefore, analyze the tips that are already on the market.

Monetization module

Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

One of my interests is playing the saxophone. I want to find affiliate products on " how to play the saxophone ". In the field Keyword windows Affiliate Products Sources I am registering the query " how to play saxophone ". Further from the list I select an affiliate network (field Sources ). Market Samurai represents the network Amazon. com , Commission Junction , ClickBank and Paydotcom . Take Amazone. com.

Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter
We will assume that I did not create my partner account at Amazon. com . We will search for a product without an account. I can choose a country and language, as well as a category, if I wish.

Now Market Samurai will search for products on Amazone for the query " how to play saxophone ". And here are the results.

Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter
Market Samurai found 7 products related to my keyword. There is a DVD, music and books. I can sort the items found. For example, for the price. To do this, click on the column heading with the price ( Price ). The important parameter is SalesRank ( sales rank ). For Amazone, the smaller the better. Having sorted out the products according to the sales rank, I can quickly find the most demanded ones in my niche. When hundreds of products are reflected, this function becomes very useful.

So, for example, a DVD called Mel Bay Anyone Can Play Saxophone ( Mel Bay. Anyone can play the saxophone ) best-selling in my niche . To add this product to my list of products, I need to check it. Mareket Samurai will add it to the product list in the Selected Products panel.

Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

Now I will check another network - Commission Junction . Mareket Samurai found ten products on this network. Product indicators here are different from Amazone. The sales rating for Commission Junction is the average revenue from sales for 100 clicks in 7 (7-Day EPC) day and 3-month (3-month EPC) periods. I am interested in long-haul sales. Therefore, I sort products in descending order according to the 3-month indicator and select the highest in sales by 100 clicks.

Next affiliate program - ClickBank . Do a search.

Monetization. Module 6. Day 4 - Profit Hunter

We look at the list of found products. Here I do not see products that relate directly to my niche.

Network Paydotcom currently does not have any products relevant to the keyword " how to play the saxophone ".

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