Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

Only a few believe that you can make money at financial pyramids.

Whoever said anything, but it’s quite realistic to receive payments from such projects and we were convinced in practice (screenshots in reports income). In this article we will tell you about the new game, it works only a few days, so it is ideal for attachments.

Everyone knows what to invest in the pyramids when they first appear.

Monetary Taxi investment game works for about a week, but money is already being withdrawn from it. This is an analogue of the popular game, where they offer to buy transport to your taxi park and receive passive income. The larger the investment, the more serious the profit.

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

(The project was closed, a similar project paying -)

Passive investments with Monetary Taxi

All players are offered 9 types of cars for different cost and with different returns. It’s only up to you how much to invest:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

When you sign up for a game, immediately replenish your balance to buy the first car. If you do not trust the project, buy the first level of the car, 24 rubles is a ridiculous amount, which is not afraid to risk. You can deposit money in different ways:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

The administration constantly holds promotions and usually has a bonus for the first deposit (now + 50%). After that, go to the section for buying a taxi:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

By clicking on this button, you will see a special form where you can choose one of the cars and make a payment:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in this and under this instruction, you can buy any number of cars.

Once a day, users are given a bonus of 1 to 4 rubles, collect it so that there is more money to buy cars.

Money is withdrawn from the game Monetary Taxi every day, and this is reflected in the payout statistics:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

According to this statistics, you should have noticed that funds for different payment systems. Unlike many analogs, including Taxi Money, on this project you can order payments for:

Monetary Taxi Game - Taxi Earnings

The only requirement for access to withdrawal of funds is a mandatory deposit to the amount of 24 rubles, but you do it, even if you invest money to buy the cheapest car.

Minimal to withdraw only 1 ruble.

Payments from the site come quickly, and most importantly, they do not need to collect payment points (they are simply not provided for in the game). Play Monetary Taxi and invite new members. The administration on the machine pays out 10% from deposits of referrals of the first level and 5% from referrals of the second level.

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