Modern methods of image optimization under PS - Profit Hunter

Modern methods of image optimization under PS - Profit Hunter

There are many ways to make your articles easy to read: paragraphing, short and meaningful sentences, subheadings, and so on. However, one of the key ways to make content more attractive is to use nice looking and informative pictures. In addition, they can bring additional traffic through organic photo search, however, in order for this to happen, you need to optimize them properly.


  1. Image selection
  2. Free image sources
  3. Image optimization for search
    • Image size
    • Caution regarding photos taken with iPhone
    • File name and title
    • Alternate text and description
  4. How to keep the copyright of your photos

Image selection

It is important to use text-related photos that explain and supplement the thoughts that are presented there. High quality, the correct aspect ratio, sufficient size - all this is necessary so that the pictures are well perceived on different devices.

Another important question concerns the sources of graphic content. It is not worth paying for stock photos, because they do not carry business benefits, as they are not unique. Sometimes the same picture is bought a large number of times. For this reason, stock materials to acquire meaningless: it is better to spend money on the work of a photographer who creatively approaches the creation of content adapted specifically for your business.

But what if you do not have the time and resources to do this? You can create photo materials yourself, make useful infographics using services and so on. Too hard? There are resources where you can get free photos.

Free sources of images

The easiest way to find them is to use Yandex and Google to search for images. In Google, you can filter those results that have copyright. This is easy to do by setting the "Search Tools - Usage Rights" filter.

Modern methods of image optimization under PS - Profit Hunter

Another search method is the flickr platform. com. This is a very useful photo source, an alternative to full copyright. But here it is necessary to refer to the profile of the author of the picture. Pay attention to the fact that different levels of permissions are available here. For example, some photographers do not allow their photos to be used for non-commercial purposes.

In addition to flickr, there is a unsplash service. com is a site where all images without copyright, you only need to specify the author and refer to his profile. Sometimes they border on stock photos, but mostly they are of higher quality than on photostocks.

In addition, there are many online services where you can create infographics. They have a positive effect on the distribution of content by readers.

Optimization of images for search

Image size

Most often, images need to be reduced so that they do not take up much space and do not create a load on the site. Photos taken from a smartphone can be about 3,000 pixels wide (2,500 pixels more than you need for posting on the site).

Huge file sizes increase the page load time, which is bad for ranking, so reduce the images in Photoshop and save them for the Web. For this purpose, use online services like picresize. com or good old Paint. If the pictures do not require indication of authorship, you can think about their uniqueization.

Caution about photos taken from iPhone

If you upload pictures to WordPress from a smartphone, an annoying error may occur. If you take a photo from an iPhone in portrait orientation, it can turn into a horizontal one when it is uploaded to the site. This does not happen with every webmaster and depends on the version of the iPhone and the template used.

File name and image title

After uploading a photo, you must give a specific file name, different from IMG_6056 or similar. This does not always help advancement, but it will definitely come in handy when searching for pictures in the file manager. In WordPress, image file names automatically become their titles.


Modern methods of image optimization under PS - Profit Hunter


Modern methods of image optimization under PS - Profit Hunter

Alternative text and description

The description of the Alt tag has the highest value in image optimization. Search engines cannot see your images, but they can read them. Alternative text should be clear, descriptive, brief and not stuffed with keywords. It should be borne in mind that it is read by programs intended for blind and poorly seeing people. This software translates the description of the tag Alt to speech.

Here is a rule that will help you correctly create an alternative description for the picture: write as if you explain to the visually impaired person the essence of what is shown in the photo.In the example above, you can create an alternative text in the following way: "a black and white cat is sleeping on a purple pillow." Also note that the contents of the Alt tag are displayed when you hover the cursor over the image.

You can add additional details to the captions that describe the image. It will be displayed under the picture and describe / clarify it.

How to preserve the copyright of your photos site or used on other sites, but with an indication of your authorship and / or links. To find out about the appearance of your photos on other people's sites, you can use special tools, including imageraider. com. Just add your site to the directory - and the service will warn you if someone steals your content. If this happens, you can contact the owner of the site where the picture is posted, and ask him to indicate your authorship. Additional backlinks, if the donor turns out to be of high quality, will not be superfluous.

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