mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

Tapclick. biz is a platform that allows webmasters to make money on mobile traffic coming from different devices and countries. After installing a simple code on the site, on it appear ad units of various formats, adapting to smartphones and tablets of visitors.

The service cooperates with large advertisers who are interested in advertising mobile applications. Webmasters paid perfect subscriptions, installation of applications, confirmed orders. Subjects of advertising are various: it can be travel agency services, financial offers, games and applications for smartphones and tablets.

Current problems of monetizing sites, solved in Tapclick. biz

  • The share of mobile traffic increases every year in relation to desktop visitors. As a result, webmasters are faced with the acute problem of monetizing websites: users do not see ads that are displayed on the PC. As a result, a significant share of traffic is wasted, while it could be profitable. Classic teasers and banners do not work in handheld devices.
  • An increasing number of advertisers prefer to work on the CPA model, moving away from the traditional payment model for impressions / clicks. When displaying relevant advertising earnings in the CPA is higher, but there are pitfalls. Offers can be disabled, so you need to constantly monitor them so that traffic does not merge in vain. In place of stopped ones, you need to put other offers, spending time searching for them, creating new promo, tracking links. In addition, it is often necessary to wait a long time for the leads to leave the hold (sometimes up to a month) in order to take profits.

What solutions does Tapclick offer? biz

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

  1. First of all, banners of adaptive formats are offered, which significantly increases mobile conversion.
  2. The technologies used in the targeting system help to increase the number of leads. The theme of the donor site, the type and OS of the device, the geographical location of the user is taken into account
  3. The network collaborates with major advertisers.
  4. To get started, you just need to place the code on the site.
  5. Payments are made weekly, without a hold.
  6. The system allows the use of doorways in different languages.

Benefits for webmasters

  • Increase profits from sites by adapting banners to different device formats;
  • Save time: more than two hundred mobile offers are matched automatically geolocation of visitors (from 200 countries of the world), the subject of the site (you no longer need to manually change offers / promo / links in case of disconnection).

Advertising formats can be different: it can be displayed at the bottom of the screen or in the middle. Here are the Topscroll banners on the screens of smartphones:

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Huntermobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

The Fullscreen format looks like this:

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

How to work with the system: instructions for webmasters

  1. Go to http: // tapclick. biz / and register.
  2. Activate your account by e-mail.
  3. Click in the "Add pad" personal account.
  4. In the window that appears, we indicate our site and access to statistics.

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

  1. Now the site has received a working status. In the settings you can set the formats of advertising, advertising channels, the interval of hits.
  2. Click the "Get" code - and see a short line. You also need to copy and paste into the site code after the opening tag. Body .
  3. On the "Statistics" tab you can see how many views and conversions there were during a specified period of time, what kind of income it turned out.

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

  1. By participating in the affiliate program of the service, you can receive 5% of the revenue of the attracted referral.

The service staff notes that there is no need to shoot another advertisement already on the site. You will receive income from mobile traffic in addition to what is already available on your Internet resource.

Here are examples of TOP offers that are unscrewed at webmasters' sites:

mobile traffic monetization - Profit Hunter

Payments are made 1 time per week when the amount reaches 500 rubles. For each 1000 impressions here they promise to pay an average of 60-70 rubles (this applies to targeted entertainment sites where people are ready to install applications).

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