Misconceptions about the exchange of electronic money in the network

Virtual money is exchanged daily by thousands of people. They transfer millions from one account to another, and help them in this exchange points.

Due to inexperience and false opinions, many myths associated with exchanges were born. If you believe in them, you can make mistakes or even lose some of your money.

Now we will consider 10 facts about the exchange of electronic money, so that every reader has a correct idea about it.

It is easy to change virtual money , many exchangers have been created for this, and you can find the best ones through. The system constantly monitors the best exchange offices and provides useful information.

Misconceptions about the exchange of electronic money in the network

Misconceptions about exchanging money on the Internet

I would like to start with the fact that regardless of payments and services used, there are always risks in exchanging electronic money.

Don't worry much, but be careful. Just as with the exchange of real money, you may be deceived or misled. Therefore, it is important to have a good understanding of all the intricacies of and not to believe in common myths:

  1. One exchanger is enough for permanent use. From my own experience I will say that one exchange point is never enough. There are not enough funds in reserve, unfavorable conditions, temporary problems on the site, lack of necessary exchange directions, there are a lot of other reasons to allocate several services at once.
  2. Conditions in exchange offices are constantly changing. What often changes is currency rates, which is natural. In exchange offices they rarely change the commission or available exchange directions, otherwise the users would have to constantly give up something, and not to collect loyal customers.
  3. An honest exchanger is easy to find. In part, this myth is true, because now you can easily check any site by rating systems and reviews. However, fraudsters are there, they usually advertise their sites on scam or through spam. BestChange checks for the best services, look for exchangers there.
  4. Exchange rates do not differ much. However, the difference may be several hundred dollars. Why is that? The administration changes courses on its own. As the saying goes, "Do not like it, go to others." Everyone wants to get the maximum profit, here's a good example:
  5. Misconceptions about the exchange of electronic money in the network
  6. Exchange is impossible. Slow transaction processing in exchange offices is not uncommon, sometimes it is done for security purposes. If processing operations is done manually, do not wait for high speed. Having tried many exchange points, I came to the conclusion that it is the fastest.
  7. You can exchange any amount. There is not always such an opportunity, even if a bunch of different exchangers are used. Most often, problems arise when exchanging non-popular e-currencies, since, according to known payments, reserves of exchangers with several zeros:
  8. Misconceptions about the exchange of electronic money in the network
  9. Only large sums can be changed. Almost all exchangers provide the minimum amount of transfer. This is done so as not to put a heavy load on the system. If you need to convert a small amount, look for suitable services, there are a lot of them.
  10. Exchangers work on the machine. Not all services process applications automatically. Many work in manual or semi-automatic mode. Why would anyone do this? This is the only way to ensure maximum security.
  11. Exchangers are not profitable to use. They take the commission, but it also happens that it is credited more than you give. This is observed only for some types of transfers. For example, if replenish Yandex. Money from the Sberbank card, you get more than you give (in our example, you give 9803 rubles, and you receive 10,000 rubles). Is it not profitable?
  12. Misconceptions about the exchange of electronic money in the network
  13. All exchangers can cheat. Physically, this is true, but if you think so, then you can doubt the honesty of real banks. Judge for yourself, why should large exchange bureaus process transfers of billions every month to deceive someone? She values ​​her reputation, the main thing is to choose the right one.

These myths about the exchange of virtual money have not been invented, they are taken from the forums and from the questions that come to me periodically from newbies.

For each of them, I give separate advice and often send them to the Cashtaller mailer exchanger. Firstly, it works for a long time, and secondly, it offers the simplest side job.

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