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To whom would you entrust your white and fluffy website for promotion and monetization? The site, on which you have worked hard and prepared it for a long and profitable stay on the global Internet. Would you promote it with spam? Or maybe launched for quick money in Sape? Or, no ... Maybe Liex will be a suitable option for promotion? Perhaps, but ... the site is white and fluffy. Labor invested a lot in it. It would be necessary to raise the level of service higher.

We have the following level:

  • Qualitative and unique articles
  • Terrible and hostile allergies to HS, semi-HS, pseudo-NLL and other infection
  • Strict moderation of ALL new sites (see point number 2)
  • Very friendly attitude to white and fluffy sites, made in the spirit of professionalism, topicality and philanthropy
  • Article content and promotion 100 % unique content
  • ...

If your expensive site meets these simple requirements, then ... Welcome to the

Miralinks. ru - white and fluffy articles promotion - Profit Hunter

Today I received an interesting letter from Miralinks (this news is also published on the system website). And it really hurts me to like an interesting idea. I quote:

What we have been waiting for for a long time, finally happened - Yandex took seriously the definition of the original content and the fight against copy-pasters, rewriters and other creators of pseudo-content.

This once again confirms that two years ago, creating Miralinks , we focused on high-quality thematic and unique content . We managed to maintain high criteria for the quality of articles in the system and, as a result, after introducing filters for duplicates, we did not lose a single site, not a single dropout article (unlike pseudo-content exchanges, where mass dropout of \ ”articles \” was noticed from the index).

I want to highlight and note that Miralinks is the very first system in this type of runet. The guys are working on the result and perspective. Works justify themselves in full. Miralinks was ready two years ago for such changes in the algorithms of the search engines and, in particular, Yandex. Today, it has all the necessary working functionality that meets the requirements of search engines.

For webmasters and advertisers Miralinks is a safe solution for their sites in both promotion and monetization of . For quality sites, the system is ready to pay a lot of money to webmasters. Advertisers are willing to pay for high-quality advertising articles posted on the same webmasters sites.

Consider the capabilities of the Miralinks system in a little more detail. The system, as I mentioned, is filled with high-quality advertising platforms, as evidenced by its statistics:

Miralinks. ru - white and fluffy articles promotion - Profit Hunter

For webmasters

I want to add very interesting points to the above:

  1. At the sites of the article placed FOREVER. No sign-ups from the advertiser.
  2. The posted articles are unique. Miralinks integrated with the content exchange Copylancer. ru .
  3. Very low commission - from 5 to 12%.
  4. !!! The system allows the webmaster to independently order thematic unique content for himself at the expense of the advertiser and still receive money for the placement.
  5. Referral program. Your profit will be 30% of the profit of the system or 3. 6% of the turnover of the users attracted by you!
  6. The system has its own bank of articles. Earn by writing articles.

For advertisers

  1. Articles are always posted and one-time placement fee.
  2. Each pad is being tested. This guarantees the placement of articles on high-quality and decent sites.
  3. Articles are posted manually. No generated article directories, no red rags for search robots.
  4. Opportunity to place your cares on placing and writing articles on Miralinks specialists, thanks to the “Carefree” tariff.

Innovations in the Miralinks system

Miralinks do not stand still. Its capabilities are constantly developing and expanding. For the dessert of today's review, I also want to present you two subsidiary projects that correspond to the quality and professionalism of the system.

GoGetLinks. En

- a unique system for placing paid reviews with links to high-quality websites. Reviews are posted on an ongoing basis, that is, forever Webmasters can post notes, context and images on their sites:

Miralinks. ru - white and fluffy articles promotion - Profit Hunter

The second project, born a little earlier than GoGetLinks, is:

Free Miralinks

- site directory for free posting articles and press releases. Create high-quality and thematic links for your site.

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