MintCoins application for earnings on Android

Have you already managed to get a mobile device running Android? Then you have the opportunity to earn extra money.

Earnings applications are being actively developed, such as



and others, and in this article we will tell you about the most profitable program.

The application for earnings on Android, is a product of foreign origin. Everyone knows that foreign projects pay more, and using this program, you will be able to earn income by performing simple tasks, for example, installing free applications .

MintCoins application for earnings on Android

Earn on android with MintCoins

Even a novice can take advantage of this application. Unfortunately, there is no Russian language in it, but the interface is intuitive. When you first start, you need to go to registration, the button is in the main window:

MintCoins application for earnings on Android

When you register, go directly to your profile to enter data and add your PayPal account number:

MintCoins application for earnings on Android

Withdrawing money from the application is only possible on PayPal. Unlike similar programs, the minimum salary is only $ 1. This amount is quite possible to make money on tasks in less than an hour:

MintCoins application for earnings on Android

Although the descriptions are written in English, you can easily figure it out.

Every Coin earned in an application equals 1 cent.

The rating of MintCoins is high , and in the reviews, users write that they have not seen such a large number of tasks in any other application. The type of tasks is different, you may be required:

  • installation of paid and free applications;
  • free and paid registration on sites;
  • viewing videos (advertising);
  • passing surveys;
  • passing levels in games.

Besides all this, you can attract referrals and receive income from it. On the Frends tab, you will find a special registration code:

MintCoins application for earnings on Android

25 cents are paid for the invited friend, and when using the code, the referral gets 10 cents.

When registering, specify the invite YOUR CODE and you will receive a bonus of 10 cents to your account.

With MintCoins, you can earn money at any time, as long as there is access to the Internet. And if you are not satisfied with the work with the English-language application, use Goappcash analogues and. In these programs, they pay money for installing applications on mobile devices.

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