Mining or trading cryptocurrency, what to choose?

The cryptocurrency craze and the popularization of Bitcoin as a financial instrument of trading led to a dynamic increase in its value. In turn, this led to an explosion of interest in this information currency, as a means of investing savings among ordinary citizens.

We suggest you to find out - what reception of income on cryptocurrency gives the maximum result , requires little effort and has the simplest possible mode. We take two classic methods as a basis - trading on the quotes of this asset and mining Bitcoin.

Mining or trading cryptocurrency, what to choose?

Mining of cryptocurrency

So, let's start the analysis with mining, as a classical method of obtaining cryptocurrency. For a start, we will understand the very concept. Mining is a solution to the cryptocurrency algorithm using specialized technical equipment, for which Bitcoin coins are credited.

To work and generate income in such a technical mode, you will need fairly complex equipment. The main tool for solving a complex cryptocurrency algorithm is a powerful video card and, of course, the personal computer itself. This is probably one of the main problems of mining.

The fact is that miners have created a deficit with the demand for video cards, which significantly increased the cost of video cards - on average, it will take 800-1000 USD to purchase the necessary tools. Agree, rather large investments already at the initial stage.

The second technical equipment for mining has high electricity consumption, so be prepared for additional costs. In addition, mining is quite a time-consuming occupation, so do not expect rapid profit growth.

As for the main issue - the level of profitability of mining, certain difficulties are also observed here. Today, one video card brings miner an average of $ 8 .

The reason for such a low level of profitability is the annual complication of the cryptocurrency task and the way to solve it - this reduces the productivity of technical tools and, accordingly, reduces the miner's income.

To put it bluntly, making big profits from mining cryptocurrency today is the prerogative of large farms with huge information resources. As you understand yourself, creating a large mining platform will require huge financial investments.

Mining or trading cryptocurrency, what to choose?

Trading on Bitcoin quotes

Using Bitcoin as a trading tool is a simpler and more profitable cryptocurrency earnings mode. Here you can offer several options - exchange operations of this tool on specialized services, trading on the Forex market and binary options.

The first option will require large financial investments, since the cost of cryptocurrency today is simply incredible - 2500 USD for one coin. The second option is characterized by minimal liquidity and a relatively complex principle of generating income.

We suggest to carefully study binary trading on Bitcoin quotes. This technique basically has the principle of exchange trading, but with very attractive differences for a simple online investor.

The asset is not bought and sold here! The main instrument for making a profit is the rate of a binary option to increase or decrease the value of an asset . Thus, the price of a bitcoin is absolutely still rising or falling for a trader, you can get a profit on any movement of quotes.

In addition, the option refers to a futures contract, so the investor has the ability to regulate the time for making a profit, which can range from 60 seconds to 24 hours. And, of course, about the profitability of binary trading on cryptocurrency - with active work on the market during the day you can increase your investment capital by 100% !

Now about the technical side of trading - what do you need for this? To start earning in the binary market, you need quite a bit: the first is the trading platform from the broker of the binary market, where it is offered as a bitcoin trading tool. For example, Bitcoin is available on the platform of a safe and professional operator:

Mining or trading cryptocurrency, what to choose?

The second is the minimum capital of $ 10. Compared with the initial investment in mining, this is a very small amount. And third, an effective trading strategy that will allow you to execute the maximum number of profitable contracts. These systems are placed in the public domain, so there is no problem with the choice!

This is the whole set of necessary tools for earning on Bitcoin in the binary options trading mode.

To summarize.The sophisticated mining algorithms of cryptocurrency in the mining format and the low level of profitability of such an approach cannot fully satisfy investors today, but in contrast, binary options offer very promising advantages for making a profit on this financial instrument.

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