Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources

If not everyone knows about networking, many have heard about it. A huge number of users sitting at home and get real money.

Most of them are not professional programmers or designers, but self-taught. Therefore, even beginners have a chance to succeed.

How do you get money on the Internet? There are many articles on the Internet with ways of earning, they are monotonous and not interesting.

Over the past few years I have tried a bunch of different options and am ready to share my experience. Each type of earnings left its impression, the better and more profitable to do, now I will tell.

Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources

There is plenty of money on the Internet

Simple interest set me up to read articles on the topic of remote earnings. At that time I had the education of an auto mechanic and, as you understand, it has nothing to do with modern technologies.

On enthusiasm I took the first steps, starting with the simplest, and now every month I get hundreds of thousands of rubles.

What methods did I use to get money on the Internet:

  1. Click-on sponsors - I started with them, since there it’s easiest to get money. Used the best mailers and executed orders.

    I liked Wmmail the most, where in time I was hired as a moderator. I lasted on small orders not for long, as it brought a lot of profit. Nevertheless, I still use the site, or rather its affiliate program.

    Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources
  2. Attracting referrals - I liked this method a lot, because in the long run it brought passive profit. You need to invite users to different systems and from expenses or revenues, a percentage is received.

    Now I have developed referral networks on many sites, they bring substantial money. With dozens of different systems, payments are consistently received:

    Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources
  3. Affiliate programs - the example with referrals also applies to this method, but there is another type of affiliate program. You can sell products and get a percentage of the sale. Not for the first year I receive contributions from.

    I tell newcomers about his info products, for which I receive interest. The method is good, but if you want to find a product of a specific subject, it’s better to use:

    Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources
  4. Earnings for advertising - several thousand go to my blog every day users that helps to collect money for advertisements. It is practically not on my project, only a line at the very top of the site.

    There users add links and pay money. I do not have to moderate it, but I pay for each viewing. Here are the statistics of payments from:

    Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources
  5. Economic games - I came to this method later than anything else and now I regret it. It was necessary to invest in the game with the withdrawal of money, as they bring the most profit.

    Making money on them is not only profitable, but also interesting. For example, cars that passively generate income are sold. There are a lot of cars in my garage, so I bring good amounts from here:

    Mining money on the Internet, 5 sources

To make money, I started with a simple and parallel created a blog. With the help of the site it is possible to attract referrals, sell affiliate products and earn money on advertising.

As far as investment games are concerned, the blog comes in handy for them, since it is profitable to attract new participants there.

In general, everyone has their own way and choice how to make money on the Internet. Decide what suits you and what you would be able to earn extra money for. There are many options, so everyone will be able to choose something specifically for themselves.

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