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In the course on CPA marketing, in addition to the pages sharpened by email / zip offers, I mentioned mini-reviews. Today I will talk about them in more detail. (The original posts here and here.)

Mini-overview - this is such a landing page, where the visitor is given a choice of 3-5 products / offers, from which he must choose something one, to then follow the link and fill out a questionnaire, buy a product or order a free product or service. Mini reviews (as well as reviews in general), when used properly, show very good results.

Their secret is that they skillfully play on the psychology of visitors. A typical surfer needs two things:

  1. A list of products to choose from and information about which one is better and why.
  2. The feeling that the choice is made by him, and not for him.

These two simple things bring a lot of money to Internet entrepreneurs.

Technically, the essence of the mini-review is simple: you create a simple design, make a list of products (3-5 pieces), assign each product a rating from 1 to 5 (a mandatory item), write descriptions, where you indicate the advantages and disadvantages of products , and hang on each description affiliate links.

It is interesting here that visitors do not always choose the first product on the list, even if it is objectively better than the rest. This behavior can also be explained by psychology. The surfer does not want anyone to make a choice for him, which is better and which is worse (although in fact this is exactly what happens). Therefore, you should put the most profitable offer in second place. (In any case, testing this point does not hurt.)

Here is an example of a mini-review.

Mini Reviews & Partner Products (CPA Offers) - Profit Hunter

If you have any problems with the design, you can buy it here:

  • Clean-Templates
  • LP Elite

or order for yourself from freelancers.

Additional content for the landing page (a couple of paragraphs about the site and the subject of the site in addition to reviews) you can write yourself or rewrite something else. This content should be placed under the reviews, not above them. For images, you can capture partner sites and lay them out in a smaller version.

As regards the sources of visitors, mini-surveys tend to pour purchase traffic from PPC campaigns. But no one forbids you to allocate a separate page for it on a blog or website and to promote it in search results in the same way as other pages.

Last moment: links to partner sites should be as large as possible (of course, within reasonable limits). Links should hang on images and Visit plus for each review you should add a link Visit Site .

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