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Million a year - is it real? - Profit Hunter I read recently paid materials from Frank Kern and read a very interesting calculation about whether it is a lot - a million dollars a year. The math is simple:

$ 1,000,000 per year = $ 83333 per month = $ 2740 per day = $ 114 per hour = $ 1.9 per minute.

(Tomatoes, please do not rush, I’m not a millionaire myself, just thinking out loud.)

Let's figure out how to reach this mark. If you sell your own information product for $ 47 (or get as much as a partner), you need to sell 58 units of goods per day. The average conversion for “cold” sales ranges from 1 sale to 200 conversions (from the subscription list several times higher, but for the purity of the experiment we will take the worst option). With such hands, you need only 8 visitors per site per minute . (Accordingly, the higher the cost of goods or the remuneration for the sale, the less visitors need.)

And if you need not a million, but, say, “only” $ 100,000 per year, then in general the class is less than one visitor per minute to the site. Already closer to reality 🙂

You can apply the same calculations to any kind of earnings on the Internet, even to pharma, even to trade in links, even to codecs, to contextual advertising, is not the point. The main thing is, after you set yourself a specific goal, estimate how much traffic you need per day, per hour, per minute (of course, based on conversion rates for your particular niche) and start making plans to attract it. Much has been written about the methods of obtaining it, including on my blog.

I am sure that when you have a detailed plan in your hands, even a few thousand dead American presidents a month for content, or links, or PPC, or something else will seem like pennies to me (something I in this place dreamed 🙂).

But first, of course, you have to work hard with your own hands. What do you (and yourself) want?

If you do not know where to put your strength, read Academic work in the field of satellite construction from SEO. Money from Max aka Simple. You may not earn a million on satellites, but you will learn exactly what is very, very important.


And not so long ago I received the baton from the SEO-Teapot (which, by the way, just today published the next chapter of my SEO-alphabet on the letter “Z”. By the way, do you know a lot of seo-words for the letter “З”? I’m just going to The Google invented 🙂). So, according to the conditions of the relay, I have to tell you how I came to SEO.

And I’ve come to SEO, no matter how strange it may sound, thanks to my blog. It was in the process of searching for materials for posts that I learned the nuances of search promotion, link building, traffic generation, and so on. And I started a blog thanks to comrade Ed Dale, who last August launched a 30-day course, which you all know as the Autumn Marathon. It was this course that opened the then-unknown and mysterious world of Internet marketing to me.

By the way, the 2008 Marathon starts today. All the lessons in translation will be posted here on the blog. Perhaps some of them will be cut as known and obvious. In such cases, I will give links to previous posts and make some explanations. If you want to create your own group of members (this is especially useful for newbies), go here. Incidentally, there is already one Russian group. Join us!

Yes, if someone has not registered yet, sign up now. Translations are translations, but in the original it is always more interesting. And on the forum, if anything, you can ask a question.

In general, wait for the new lessons!

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