Methods of alternative earnings for the programmer

Internet technologies are now used everywhere, so IT professionals are in demand.

It is now quite difficult to find a competent programmer, their services are in great demand, they earn good money and can provide for themselves, Without helping anyone, however, there are those who have not yet succeeded.

Alternative earnings for a programmer are additional ways you can use.

We have already told how to make money for a programmer on the Internet, where they presented the 5 best ways. Now we have compiled some more worthy options so that there is an even wider choice.

Methods of alternative earnings for the programmer

5 ways to make money for a programmer

Regardless of the level of knowledge (which you can always improve), each programmer has a lot of directions to apply his skills. We picked the most successful options that could lead to successful earnings:

  1. Scripts - there are more and more websites on the network, and owners of large sites and businessmen constantly need additional functions. They need original feedback forms, all sorts of filters, price calculation forms, and so on.

    With all this, you can make good money, and most importantly, scripts are easier to create than full-fledged programs. You can search for customers not only on freelance exchanges (), but also with the help of forums where topics with different requests are constantly created.

  2. Grid of sites - it’s easy for a programmer to “rivet” sites, and if there is a starting capital for buying content, you can develop a whole pack of different projects, gradually developing them. Yes, it takes a lot of time, but again, through freelancing exchanges, you can find people to help you with this.

    Giving them even 20% of income, you will stay in the black. Do not forget that each site costs money , especially if this is not a regular blog, but some kind of service (sell on).

  3. Parsing is a hot topic, since now many people do not want to create content. It creates a huge number of sites that are filled with copy-paste and at the same time develop well. A good example is groups in social networks.

    Despite the fact that many tools have already been created for auto-copying posts, they all need to be improved. For example, you can develop a plugin for the browser, which will add to the social. network button, to automatically transfer entries to the group.

  4. B2B business - if this is your first time hearing about this, then read the article on what B2B sites are and how to make money on them. In short, these are systems created for entrepreneurs.

    For example, there is a service where accountancy services are provided. It is used only by owners of companies, solvent target audience, with which you can take decent money. What exactly to create, you have to decide for yourself, but the directions are vast.

  5. Official job - you can always get a regular job in the office. It is necessary to choose a company correctly, assessing its prospects and solidity.

    Would you like to get a job at Yandex? This company will definitely continue to develop, and on the page you can search for available vacancies. Walk through other major resources, they often have a vacancy section (Vkontakte is no exception).

Methods of alternative earnings for the programmer

Possessing the skills of a programmer, you can earn a lot of money, and there are plenty of options for applying such knowledge.

The most important thing is that you do not just consider yourself a professional, but you can actually do difficult work, so don’t stop at what you’ve done by constantly increasing your specialization.

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