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I think every blogger is concerned about the problem of getting backlinks. Backlinks - this is the juice that feeds our blog and keeps it constantly in good shape. But getting backlinks (backups) is not an easy process, since this will require maximum effort. They write a lot about backlinks and ways to get them, but I have my own vision of the situation on this, so I’ll tell you about my recipe for making reference mass for your blog.

So, let's go:

1. Creating your own network of sites. Such a network is called satellites. This method works fine, but for this you need to put a lot of effort to unwind the grid. It should not be forgotten that search engines impose sanctions on sites that industrialize link building in this way, therefore, before you begin to master this scheme, study the basics of security in order not to harm your main project. It is preferable in this case to create a satellite, the sites of which will be located on different IP-addresses of the C-class. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of falling under the filter By the way, about how a satellite should be.

2. Write interesting and unique content. This way is as old as the world. If you are interested in writing, over time, other bloggers will begin to refer to you, thus providing the blog with proper reference feed. But it is worth mentioning that this technique will not bring results if you want to achieve results very quickly. Interesting news flies out very quickly, but not so much that within a few days you all have to refer to. Therefore, this method is only a standard axiom of white seo, one of the rules that should be followed and is not suitable in order to quickly build up the reference mass.

3. Buying links in the guards. Today there are a lot of exchanges where you can buy a link in the guards. The most famous today in Runet are Blogun, j2j. ru, Profitblog. ru. This method of increasing the reference mass is effective, but not free. One of the advantages is the fact that when you buy links on similar exchanges, you can independently choose a site and set the necessary anchor for your link. All this, in addition to the reference mass, will allow you to also promote the necessary keywords.

4. Digest of the blogosphere. Recently, sections with the same name have appeared on many thematic forums. The advantages here are obvious: in many forums, the links are not redirect and not closed to search engines. In addition, there is going to the public interest, so in addition to the indexed backs, you also get a good flow of traffic, and, therefore, targeted visitors, some of which may become your regular readers. Examples of such forums: bgtalk. ru, make4you. net, virtual-lab. ru / forum

5. Create a site directory. If you have the time and site building skills, you can create your own directory. All this will take time, but if you make an effort, then after a while you can get a good platform with good performance. The main thing - it does not turn it into linkkomoynik. This happens when, at the initial stage of catalog promotion, the owner accepts any sites, and as a result, a trash can is obtained. In general, the strategy is simple: we create a directory, develop, accept websites into it, and in return receive backlinks from them to our blog or other promoted resource.

6. Link exchange with other blogs. This method is widely used by bloggers to build a link mass. True, I recently read that Yandex does not respond very well to direct link exchange, so be smart. The scheme of action in this case is simple: many blogs have a separate page. It is most commonly called "Blog Advertising". We find bloggers who exchange guards, contact and offer to exchange links. Judging by the practice, the authors of blogs that have equal indicators are the best to contact. But if you still want to get a link from a more "fat" blog, you can offer the author in exchange for one link from his blog - a few from yours. For example, 1: 3.

7. Write guest posts to blogs. This is what I am doing now. )) Such posts have a positive effect on the author’s reputation, increase his visibility in the blogosphere. On top of that, you get a direct link to your blog + stream of targeted visitors, which can run for a very long time if the topic is popular. In addition, your guest post can still emerge in a sickle for a very long time, which will provide you with new visitors.

8. Posting articles in article directories. Among the optimizers there is a large group that adhere exclusively to article promotion.In my opinion, this method of promotion is much more efficient than simply exchanging links. Links in articles look more natural. The main thing in this case is that the links are relevant to the text. In general, this is a separate topic concerning the nuances of this method. Here it is worth noting that there are free and paid article directories. In addition, you can use specialized exchanges, like miralinks. ru

9. Using various programs. For example, Link-Vault. With the help of such programs you can get a large number of backups. But here the problem is that, firstly, this method of increasing the reference mass is a gray seo, with which our search engines are actively fighting, so after Yandex finds such a catch, you risk getting a hat. And then your puzomerki will fly, positions in issuance will decrease, and so on. Secondly, the fact is that here you get low-end backlinks with various anchors. As you can see, there is a risk. Here you need to be very careful.

And yes! I did not at all mention how such programs work. The meaning here is simple. There is a certain network of sites included in this system. You add your blog (website) to the system, then post one or more links to members of the network. And in return, you get a huge number of backlinks from other sites participating in the system. But such methods are better not to apply to your main projects.

Here, in general, that's all. The listed list of methods, of course, is not exhaustive, so with your additions and comments I ask in the comment.

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