Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

Time passes, cryptocurrencies are developing, more and more people use them, and because of this, more questions arise.

Recently, the issue of confirmation of transactions is particularly acute, as sometimes they have to wait too long. How it works and where to check the network load, we now tell.

Mempul Bitcoin, what is it and where to look? In the blockchain there is a special memory, all unconfirmed transactions are added to it. This is called a memul.

When it is overloaded, the wait time for confirmation increases. Miners choose the nodes where the highest reward is offered. Therefore, the size of the commission affects the speed of processing the operation .

Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

Transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain memory hub

Detailed explanation - the memory card is the base of all transactions that are awaiting confirmation .

As soon as a new transaction is performed on the network, it takes 10 minutes to confirm it (the time between the creation of new blocks). But depending on the number of operations, this period may be significantly extended.

Over the past 6 months, problems in the Bitcoin memory appeared constantly. This is what affects the speed of transactions.

Any newcomer will quickly figure out what a memory is. All new operations with BTC are first approved by the network, and then get into the MeMPUL, where they expect confirmation from the miners.

As soon as the miners include it in the next block, the transfer receives the first confirmation (some transactions require multiple confirmation).

Each node in the blockchain network has its own memory card. Its size is customized individually. If the operation is completed, the data about the unconfirmed transfer are deleted.

As a rule, miners choose first of all those transactions where an increased commission is established. In addition to remuneration for blocks, they receive a part of the commission, so when you charge a higher commission, your operations are processed faster.

Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

Size of the Bitcoin Memoin

The network nodes have a different amount of memory for storing unconfirmed transfers. Therefore, each of them has its own algorithm for processing operations.

When the memory is almost full, the minimum commission threshold is set. Then everything is simple, applications with the appropriate commission are processed faster, and all other transactions are simply rejected.

MePool is related to BIP 35, with its help "light" wallets carry out transactions. At the same time, the mempool itself is one of the main problems of the entire Bitcoin network.

Users are not always satisfied with how quickly their translations are processed. And no one wants to wait for hours to confirm or pay a higher commission.

Where can I check Bitcoin memory online?

There are a lot of resources that publish a schedule for not confirming transactions. You can watch it on the site, exposing different periods of time - the memory of Bitcoin for the last month, year, week, day:

Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

Professionals monitor this indicator, because in moments of decline in load , you can set a minimum commission and hope for a quick confirmation of the transaction.

Through the same service, only you can see the total number of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions:

Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

The first graph shows the load chart in bytes. Considering the fact that in each block of the blockchain Bitcoin 1 MB. information, you can divide the indicators by 1000 and get the value in blocks. For example, at the moment, the memory is loaded by almost 40,000 units.

Memoor Loading - Real Problem

In simple words, a memory card is a set of transactions that have not yet been completed and are awaiting confirmation of . Accumulation of operations may occur in any pool, which will lead to delays in their execution.

As a rule, a Bitcoin memory does not contain too much information, but the influx of data can be abrupt.

This creates problems for users. Despite the opportunity to speed up transfers, no one raises the commission. The speed of processing transactions may decrease for various reasons, and this delays the execution time of a transaction for a longer period.

Increasingly, the flow of new translations exceeds the figure that miners are coping with.

Overloads start from the moment when less than 1 MB of memory remains in the memory. If this occurs, the wait time for confirmation increases by the number of blocks mined.

For example, if the pool size is 20 MB, then transactions with a small commission will receive confirmation, only after every 20th block.

Who needs to make a transaction quickly, will have to pay an increased commission, there is no other way. Bitcoin developers have already tried to increase megabytes in each block, this led to the emergence of BitcoinCash (there are 8 MB blocks).

For the time being, the problem of the workload of the mempool remains relevant, and transactions with a large commission will definitely be a priority.

Mempool Bitcoin - downloads, size and transactions

Memulp Ethereum

There is nothing to tell about it, because the principles here are exactly the same. Now there is no serious workload on this cryptocurrency, operations are fast, even if you expose a minimum commission.

If you are interested in seeing the Ethereum memory, go. The maximum value on the chart gave a figure of 20,000 transactions not confirmed, but the situation quickly changed.

Constant expansion of the Bitcoin network and an increase in the audience of users leads to serious blockchain loads. All the more difficult to wait for transactions when there is no large commission.

Try to look at a bitcoin memenpool before performing the operation, it is advisable to choose moments when it is less loaded, otherwise, without a large commission, you will have to wait a long time to process the transfer.

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