Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

Simple types of earnings in Runet most often come from a foreign Internet. Among them is present and this type of earnings, as input captcha.

It is mainly used by beginners, since all that is required of the performer is to figure out the characters in the pictures . It is easy to do, but the payment here is not big at all.

Earnings is the best alternative to making money on captcha in RuNet. Everyone knows that in the burzhuneta prices are much higher, so it is better to solve the captcha for foreign customers, receiving a higher payment.

Is it worth doing this at all? By approximate calculations, with this system, you can earn about $ 30 per month.

Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

Megatypers - entering captcha for dollars

Megatypers system appeared in 2011 and during its existence has already experienced increases in statistics and recessions.

Now the administration is doing everything to attract customers, so you will not be without work. Earnings on entering captcha in Russia are not so profitable, the average payment here is 1. $ 35 for 1000 unraveled pictures (taking into account the course, it is very profitable).

When registering for

invitation code, you must specify such B4F5 it must be entered in the Invitation Code line.

When you register, you will be prompted to complete the training. Unfortunately, the service has no Russian localization, so the training will be useless.

Do not worry, you can easily figure it out. One of the main advantages of the system is payments to the Runet payment systems, the wallet must be entered during registration:

Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

After completing the registration, go to your profile and the menu will open on the right. Through it you can go to work or go to other sections of the site:

Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

You can use the translator in the browser, but if you do not use Google Chrome, some difficulties may appear. Let's quickly go through the main points so that you understand everything:

  1. Start earning.
  2. Profile and Billing Details.
  3. Statistics.
  4. Lottery.
  5. Accumulated points.
  6. Help section.
  7. Affiliate program.

As you may have guessed by clicking on the first menu item, you will be directed to the form where you need to enter captcha. Here everything is very simple, pictures appear and in 15 seconds you need to enter the characters:

Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

If it is not clear what is shown in the picture, you can click Don't Know. If characters are entered, you need to click on the yellow button. Money is credited instantly. Payments from the site are carried out automatically (from Monday to Wednesday), as soon as $ 3 is collected, the output is made:

Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars

Payments come, the service is not fraudulent and it is quite realistic to earn. If you can collect $ 10 in a week, you will receive this amount on your wallet on Monday.

Some features of Megatypers

Service is foreign, all the rules are listed in the help section, but it’s difficult to understand them without knowing the English language, so we decided to share useful information:

  1. You can buy lottery tickets for money from your balance, in the corresponding section you can choose one of the games.
  2. The remuneration changes every hour. The highest rates are from 11 am to 12 am. Keep in mind that this time is not in your city, there is a clock on the server:
  3. Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars
  4. If you withdraw money to your Bitcoin wallet, you will not be charged a commission. The most unprofitable withdrawal method is Western Union (minimum wage $ 100, commission 15% -20%).
  5. Affiliate program is charged 10%. A prerequisite - is to recruit 5 referrals, they receive payments and income from the referral system $ 3. You can create your own invitations in the corresponding section by selecting the Code tab:
  6. Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars
  7. Cumulative points are additional profits. For 500 solved captcha you will receive 1 point (the equivalent of a cent). You can transfer money from 50 points.
  8. If you actively work and figure out the characters from the pictures with high quality, you will be in the TOP 200 best participants, for which the number of points increases by 3 times.
  9. The fastest performers get different bonuses. Try to quickly solve the captcha and get some money on top of the amount earned.
  10. If you activate the Dual Mode when entering captcha, the captcha will open in two windows:
  11. Megatypers - enter captcha for dollars
  12. In the previous image you can see that not only the mode has been selected Dual Mode, but also the Buy Boostpack button. Opposite the rocket it is indicated that for only $ 0. 1551 you can buy this package and get 800 pictures per hour (which brings about a dollar).
  13. Megatypers has real responsive technical support. In it, you may need to contact to unlock your account, which often happens here for permanent errors or refusal to enter characters.

Be careful and consider all the features of this service.In general, it is really profitable, but you need to act correctly.

On captcha, earnings cannot be turned into a stable job. If you are looking for where to earn big money, better use the game with the withdrawal of money.

About Megatypers reviews are only positive, and most importantly, the money from the system comes without problems. Just do not try to freeze and miss complex captcha, this is one of the reasons to freeze your account.

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