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The survey is called Factors affecting the ranking of a site in search engines . Since there are many search engines and factors for each of them may be different, let's dwell on Google. The survey points are made up based on the SEOmoz idea of ​​the same name, only that poll was attended by experts only, and in this everyone who pleases. (And I'm not sure that these experts know much more than the ordinary Runet seoshnik)

The idea of ​​the survey and its technical implementation belongs to comrade HigH.

The essence of the vote is simple: you go to the page for voting, move the sliders, press the button Vote! and see how your colleagues voted. There are a lot of factors, but it is not necessary to vote for everything, put an assessment on those of them whose influence you have experienced on your sites and / or notice on other sites (the system does not take into account the zero options).

It will take you no more than 10-15 minutes to vote, so please do not be lazy 🙂

You can give a rating from 1 to 100 for each individual factor. The stronger, in your opinion, the influence of the factor on the ranking of the site, the correspondingly higher score. The same applies to negative factors, with the only difference that in this case the score will be the higher, the more negative.

Here is a complete list of factors: Use of keywords :

  • Use of a keyword in a tag. title.
  • Use of the keyword in the body of the page
  • Relevance of the keyword and text
  • Use of the keyword in the tag. H1.
  • Use of a keyword in a domain
  • Use of a keyword in a page URL
  • Use of a keyword in tags. H2, H3, H (x).
  • Use of the keyword in the tag. alt. and the description of the picture
  • Highlighting a keyword in bold / italic
  • Using a keyword in a tag. meta name = ”description”.
  • Use of the keyword in the tag. meta name = "keywords".

Parameters of internal pages :

  • Number of links from other internal pages of the site
  • Quality / relevance of outgoing links
  • Age of pages
  • Volume of text content
  • Quality of content
  • Structuring text on a page (general introduction - specific facts)
  • Refresh rate of a page
  • Number of slashes (/) in the URL of the page
  • No grammar and spelling errors
  • Compliance of the HTML code of the page with W3C standards

Site parameters / domain:

  • Total site link weight
  • Returned site
  • Thematic relevance of incoming links
  • Reference popularity among sites of similar subjects
  • The rate of increase in incoming links
  • Relevance of the main subject of the site to search query
  • General site statistics: time spent on the page, the number of transitions from the search, direct traffic, the number of bookmarks
  • Authority in the eyes of Google
  • Domain zone
  • The frequency of new pages
  • Number of search queries by domain name / website name

Incoming link parameters :

  • Link anchor
  • Link weight of the site from which the link
  • Relevance of the page from which the link goes
  • Link popularity of the site relative to sites of similar subjects
  • Age of the link
  • Relevance of the site
  • Text surrounding the
  • link The number of internal links to the site page with which the link
  • Domain zone of the site from which the link
  • PageRank of the page from which the link

Negative factors :

  • Server unavailability for search bots
  • Duplicate content
  • Availability based on links to low-quality and spam sites
  • Duplicate tags. title. and meta tags on multiple pages
  • Artificial increase in keyword density on page
  • Participation in various link exchange schemes and / or link trading
  • Very slow server response
  • The presence of incoming links from spam sites
  • Low quality of site visitors

And remember, your voice matters 😉

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