Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

Since all the original videos of the Autumn Marathon are uploaded to YouTube, I consider it my duty to acquaint you with this site (if you are not familiar with it, which, of course, is unlikely).

First of all I should note the importance of this resource as an excellent marketing tool. Today, when Internet prices are falling, and the connection speed is increasing, video content is becoming increasingly popular. Network users, including Internet entrepreneurs, are increasingly using this type of communication to promote their ideas, products and services.

How effective it is, judge for yourself. I'll tell you the story of the success of the Australian garage gang Sick Puppies, about which until September 2006, no one heard anything. One afternoon, the guys were wandering through the streets of Sydney and saw a guy who was standing in front of a supermarket with a carton where it was written “Free Hugs”, i.e. “free hugs” or “hugs”. And they decided to make a video clip with this enthusiast and post it on YouTube.

What did this venture mean? Hugs turned into a powerful movement that swept the whole world, and Sick Puppies quickly gained popularity, participated in US talk show hosts and signed a contract with Virgin Records. less than a year!

This is what YouTube allows you to do. If you have good quality th content and you can make a video of it, success is guaranteed! Yes, here's a link to the video. Take a look, you will not regret it.

So, let's move on to YouTube itself.

Registration on the website

At the top of the window you will see a link to register

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

After you click on it, the standard form opens in a new window registration, which you will need to fill out.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

The only caveat: if you are going to not only watch other people's videos, but also upload your own, in the "Account Type” menu, select " Director ”.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

After filling out the form, click "Sign Up", and you will receive a letter to confirm the registration to your mailbox. Follow the link, enter your login and password and enjoy the video!

Useful features of YouTube

First of all, I advise you to subscribe to the Ed Dale videos, because his “work” is far from being limited to the Autumn Marathon. Moreover, you can subscribe to the video channel of any author liked. YouTube is welcome.

To do this, click on the orange button that says “Subscribe”.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

When you watch the video, be sure to rate it.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

The author of the video will be very, very grateful to you. Put exactly that assessment, which, in your opinion, the video deserves, since the fives taken from the ceiling and the stakes are ruthlessly eliminated.

You probably want to save some This is a very useful feature that allows you to restore order in the playlist.

To make the video sharper, press the

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

To expand it to full screen, Press

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

To exit full screen mode, press Escape.

Of course, this is a very, very brief overview of the functions of YouTube. You will become familiar with the rest when you start use this service.

Uploading videos to YouTube

To upload a clip to YouTube, first log in and click on the “Upload” link in the upper right corner of the window.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

You will see this form.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

Fill in all fields and click on the button “Upload a Video”

If you do not want malicious spammers to post their video in the comments to your videos trash, put a dot on against the option “No, don't allow allow video responses” in the menu “Sharing options”.

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

Now select the video and click the button “Upload Video ".

Meet YouTube - Profit Hunter

After a while, the video will appear on the site. Well, after you card in hand. You can place the video on your website, advertise the link on the forum, send the same link to your subscribers again, etc.

The Russian-language equivalent of YouTube is RuTube service. This site also collects quite a lot of traffic, and therefore it can be very useful to you if you work in RuNet.

That's all I wanted to say about YouTube.

Tomorrow we will talk about how to properly configure the browser.

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