massfollowing and followers. Unleash your Twitter - Profit Hunter

Twitter's microblogging service has already become a global standard in the social Internet community. Its popularity is growing at an unprecedented rate. Maybe Twitter accounts will be registered in the passport? 🙂 Whatever it is, having a promoted Twitter account is good and useful. To speed up this process, many, both beginners and pros, use mass-trapping using the Twidium program.

massfollowing and followers. Unleash your Twitter - Profit Hunter

What is massfollowing?

I’ll note right away that not just massfollowing is important to us, but smart massfollowing is automating the process follow by specified criteria . How does it look in practice? After connecting the twitter account to Twidium (the link will begin downloading the program), go to:

massfollowing and followers. Unleash your Twitter - Profit Hunter

According to the specified keywords Twidium with Twitter itself is looking for the necessary accounts. If those are not enough, then connects to Google search. After the search is completed, the follow-up process will begin. Strongly active users of the program can use a proxy. The whole process is logged:

massfollowing and followers. Unleash your Twitter - Profit Hunter

Next, we wait for the tweeters to reciprocate and follow us in return. The counter followers will start to grow. And if they do not answer? The program has an unfollowing option that allows you to remove followers that are inactive towards you.

Massfollowing in the list

A very interesting function. For many, it is among the favorites. What is the list of massfollowing? Here the “keyword” is the accounts of tweeters. It’s like “add friends to your friends” :), which is so popular in social networks.

massfollowing and followers. Unleash your Twitter - Profit Hunter

When is this feature useful? A lot of tweeter accounts have a clear theme. Followers audience is appropriate. It remains only to attract it to our account. To do this, create a text file, write all the necessary accounts into it, specify the path to the program file. Twidium will follow all of the list. It saves a lot of time.

For high performance, it is worth selecting accounts with followers more than 5 thousand and following to followers ratio equal to 1 or less. Why? This indicates the activity of the twitterer. On his invitations reciprocate. It means that we have chances to get more active followers.

New chip from Twidium: “reliable accounts”

These are Twitter accounts that meet about 75% reciprocity. It is clear that people can not give such reliability. Then who? Or rather - What. These are robots. What is the point if it’s not real people? Yes, you’re unlikely to get high-quality (or even) traffic from robots. It’s also impossible to talk. This function does not provide for traffic or communication. Then what? Reliable accounts are useful when you need to quickly unwind. This is especially true for new Twitter accounts. If you earn money on Twitter, then increasing the counter followers does not hurt.

Important !!! When the twitter account counter crosses the line 2000, the so-called " limit 2000 " is triggered. What is the limit? When you have a follower of more than 2000 (you follow someone), and followers (follow you) are less than 2000, then Twitter will not allow you to follow others. You need to increase the number of followers more than 2000. And the list " reliable accounts ”will help us a lot. Add it to the mass list according to the list and the problem is solved.

Who needs Twidium?

  • business . Any entrepreneur or company that has its website traffic is important. An account with a massively tracked account will give much more and faster traffic;
  • webmaster . The same reason for business. Also, twitter gives a big plus to the rapid indexing of new materials on blogs.
  • Moneymaker . In RuNet there are about 5 affiliate programs for earnings on Twitter. The steeper your account is pumped, the higher the earnings for posting on the advertising link tweeter. Links to affiliate programs can be found on the Twidium website.


Twidium is a useful tool that facilitates the routine work of a webmaster or optimizer in searching for followers . Is it possible to get targeted traffic with massfollowing ? I guess, yes. The more accurate the selection criteria are, the better the results will be. Remember, a robot is good, but its head is better. Combine the power of software and your intellect and everything will be OK!

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