Marketing on promo sites, use of promo sites

Many companies use the Internet to attract customers, while resorting to various options. The best option is to create a company site where potential customers will be able to get the maximum of the information of interest.

Marketing specialists point out that it is necessary to support not only company websites, but also create additional promo sites.

What are promo sites? These are platforms where companies represent a certain part of their products, report on an upcoming event, promote a brand, advertise services, etc. It is not necessary to create a large and complex resource, it’s enough to develop several effective pages that will direct the visitor to the necessary for you actions.

Marketing on promo sites, use of promo sites

Business on the Internet and promotional websites

Marketing on promotional websites is used by many experts, and actively visiting online resources, you should have face them. Studying the opinion of popular directors of marketing departments of large companies, the effectiveness of the use of promo sites is accompanied by many questions.

While some of them are confident in the literacy of their use, others are considered a waste of time.

First of all, promo websites allow to increase the popularity of a certain style and influence the distribution of a company brand. According to experts using such marketing solutions, promo sites allow you to create an intermediate stage of client preparation for the transaction.

In other words, being on a site that contains certain information, it forms a clear idea of ​​the need, which forces us to use the services of the company.

A visit to a promo site by a potential client, must always be accompanied by a reminder of the brand . This can be achieved not only by inserting a company logo, but also by using a specific design, color palette, and other elements expressing style.

Marketing on promo sites, use of promo sites

What should an advertising agent remember using promo websites?

  • You will need to find a suitable domain for the secondary site. It is best to use a separate domain without creating multi-level names, at the expense of the main one.
  • Each of the promo sites will need to be promoted to get the most benefit from them.
  • The important point is the competent organization of redirecting the attention of the visitor to the main resource.
  • If the promo site is intended to advertise a specific event or action, do not forget to close it after the event.
  • The promo site cannot be used as the main site.
  • Fill such sites with narrowly focused content, do not overload visitors.

Using these tips, you can run a competent advertising campaign, through the use of promo sites, as well as affect the development of the brand.

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