March Traffic Report - Profit Hunter

March Traffic Report - Profit Hunter Before starting the April series of posts, I want to summarize the results for March and express my gratitude to the owners of the blogs / sites that brought me the most visitors.

These sites:

  • blog. dimok. en
  • boltolog. developing. ru
  • evgeniypopov. com
  • seoschool. ru
  • homelessinizhevsk. blogspot. com
  • shakin. ru
  • news. webmoon. ru
  • maulnet. ru
  • seonews. ru
  • maxconception. ru
  • arn. ro
  • blograte. en
  • allpp. en
  • brokenbrake. biz
  • seoblog. biz

Thank you so much!


And sponsors for March thanks too 🙂

Profit-Project. ru - professional Service Center for Partners of the Yandex Advertising Network . Profit-Project is positioning itself in the market as a dynamic and constantly evolving project that satisfies any needs of webmasters. The service does not consider traffic and does not provide hosting services - all the efforts of the Profit-Project employees are aimed at the most efficient service for your profits.

With the help of the Profit-Project Partner Service Center. Ru You can:

  • Place an advertisement on the Yandex Advertising Network on your website
  • Get a second-level domain in the zone as a gift. Ru for every 5,000 rubles earned
  • Get free hosting for creating resources in YAN.
  • Advice on the promotion (SEO) of your sites.
  • Consultations on increasing profits from your sites (including CTR).
  • Payments are made once a month, up to the fifth business day inclusive.

Buckster. ru is an affiliate program for converting "junk" traffic from search engines. The goal of the service is to help webmasters get the maximum revenue from their traffic using all possible legal methods. Aggressive proms and thoughtful marketing allow Buckster to successfully sell software to non-target users. The traffic was from the country where the credit card is the main means of online payments.

Working conditions:

  • Payments occur within 3 business days, twice a month: in the middle and in the end of the month. Hold two weeks li.
  • The minimum amount to be paid is 100USD. So far we pay only in Fethard (without commission) and Webmoney (commission 2. 5%).
  • We accept all traffic, but best of all for this English-speaking countries (mainly USA, Canada) and Germany are converting now. We are working on connecting new languages.
  • Using illegal methods such as exploits and spam is strictly prohibited. Illegal content traffic is prohibited.
  • Registration in real time is available for everyone.
  • The webmaster receives 40% of the sale. This is the base rate and it can vary.

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