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Marathons, Relays ... - Profit Hunter Today the relay will be as many as two: one from Dimka about how someone earned "his first ten cents" (Dima's post disappeared somewhere from his blog, so there is nothing to refer to), and the second from SEO-Writer about how good it is to be a blogger 🙂

But for starters, I, as usual, want to express my deep gratitude to those who were not too lazy to put a link to my spring-marathon pedaefku. SEO-Critic hits.

Today's post I, perhaps, will start with my first attempt at writing in the field of earnings. I made my first money in primary classes ssah 🙂 may remember, a long time ago was a magazine "Philately"? So I cut out the stamps from there and sold to my classmates like real ones (right now, there’s a stamp cut out with a Soviet bomber from the times of the Great Patriotic War for 4 kopeks). Although I did not deceive anyone - I never said that they are real. But for some reason they bought it. Of course, I sold it a little bit, but it doesn’t matter 🙂

And then in the third class, the first chewing gums appeared in our stores. Whether Pembo, or else how - I do not remember. There on the candy wrappers was such a man with a pear instead of a head. So I took all my stash and bought as many as four pieces, and then I sold more expensive for a ruble at school. However, in the end, this whole undertaking went bankrupt - one child spent the money that he had to give to the class teacher for school lunches, and eventually passed me with all the giblets, for which I was severely reprimanded in class and at home 🙂

So these were my first money ... Of course, later, back in school, there were more successful "business projects", but these were the first, because they remembered so well.

And how you made your first money Share your experiences 😉


As for blogging as a way of life, I like this way of life by no means always, because it really discourages. Then sit in the ICQ, read the letters, or climb the bourgeois blogs “in search of fresh material.”

No, to sit down in the morning, write / rewrite several articles for niche blogs (blogs as business projects, not copyrights), add links to them, seal blogs / splogov for AdSense and other Amazon ' s, and in the evening, look through a dozen or two really juicy resources, read clever literature and that's it - Bob ... 1> But seriously, to blogging, as, indeed, to any other type of earnings on the Internet, I am about I am extremely positive (in terms of both financial and personal growth). Although from the outside, all this sitting behind the monitor, reading letters, flipping through blogs and websites, checking statistics and other blogger and webmaster fuss can pass for the typical sitting out of pants in the office at a good rate, blogging me (as in the Internet as a whole) I am pleased and attracted by the fact that here I am my own master. He worked - get a denyuzhku, did a good job - get a good denyuzhku, but was too lazy, late, scored, overslept - get a fig. Everything is fair and just.

I still don’t have a working schedule, although I’m writing it almost every two weeks. I just can not stick to it. Although constantly working on it. Maybe something will come out sometime 🙂

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