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2 ​​months ago I wanted to start translating the new marathon of Ed Dale, but then due to offline problems I was forced to move away from my blog and published mostly on it promotional materials and guest posts. For this, I apologize to my readers.

Only after I was released, I immediately set about studying the Ed Marathon "Thirty Day Challenge Plus", the meaning of which is to expand the occupied niche and increase revenue by increasing traffic (read more in the first article Spring Marathon 2009. Welcome ). But in fact, during the month of subscription, I did not see anything new or as revolutionary as the first 2 marathons, which was basically expected. It seems that everything was said earlier.

In connection with the above, I would like to talk about small changes in the future (now cleanly mine) marathon. For a start, the title is “The Road to Wealth” 🙂 I don’t know how tempting it is, but the meaning of the marathon will be just that. The articles will not be translated in most cases. Some may be written under the influence of Ed, but it will be personal experience. will mainly cover the methods of expanding the sphere of influence of your site, sometimes it will have to grab a niche.

Another interesting news for those who just read the marathon, but never started making money online. I am often asked many questions on mail or ICQ, which were not covered in the Autumn or Spring marathons. It takes a lot of time to answer everyone, which is not enough for me now and I don’t cope. But there was a solution myself. There is one person who wanted to do both marathons with my help and unsubscribe This is on my new blog.

This is a blog - a start-up without investments. But its feed.

The author will complement the Autumn and Spring Marathon. I think it will be useful for everyone 🙂

Enjoy your reading!

A couple of announcements and sponsors:

Interesting article on the SEO blog. Money, dedicated to making money on file hosting.

An outstanding blogger has died.

One new social network for webmasters and SEOs has been spotted in RuNet. From its competitors, it compares favorably with some social opportunities. For example, you can organize interest groups and communicate only with this people. Or gather a lot of friends and then promote a group of interesting articles. In general, the appearance of new players in this area is encouraging.

One of the effective ways to promote a site in the bourgeoisie is still to register in directories. It is important that these
were not Free For All directories, garbage dumps, but moderated sites. Almost all such sites require you to enter captcha with your hands, some of them also require activation of the link via email. In addition, it is highly desirable to do a submit gradually, as well as register only in directories with unique IP addresses. Registration in the English-language catalogs, taking into account all these nuances, does the service of the Minsk homeless - Regmonster. ru. By the way, I recommend reading his new article "Tips for registering in English-language directories."

Profit-Project was overgrown with new useful functions: 3 informers were added (improved information exchange between the partner and the COU) and made the work on non-cash payments more comfortable.

RuNet - it's just

Stimul-Cash. com - Its white pharmacy

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