Marathon 2009. Google Groups - Profit Hunter

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Google Groups is a great online tool for work and collaboration with your team 30-day marathon. Google Groups is an ideal resource for organizing meetings, storing files and documents, brainstorming (group method of solving complex problems).

To create your own groups, go to www. groups. google. com, log in to your Google account. Next, you will need to enter some information about yourself, a nickname, and then press the "Create Group" button, assign a name to the group and enter other necessary information.

Marathon 2009. Google Groups - Profit Hunter


The next step is an invitation to the group of participants, for this we enter the email addresses of those we want to invite to the group. We write an invitation or a message with a greeting and click "Invite participants".

Next we get summary information - a link to the group, name, number of participants and go to the group view. In the group, you can create a new discussion, write a topic and text of the discussion, and then publish. A convenient interface allows you to quickly move from discussions to the list of participants, pages and files. By entering the group, you can reply to the message of another member, post your message or ask a question. We can read and post messages online or simply view and reply by email.

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