Marathon 2009. Google Analytics - Profit Hunter

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Google Analytics is one of the important tools that the 30-day Marathon uses for free traffic estimation. By setting the tracking code Google Analytics on your website or blog, you can track both types of traffic as well as the nature of the traffic. In addition, this service allows you to assess the types of keywords for which people come to your site. Google helps you attract more traffic and turn visitors into customers. Use Google Analytics to find out which online marketing initiatives are cost-effective and how visitors actually work with your site. Improve the design of your site based on reliable information, attract useful traffic by increasing the number of conversions and your income.

Go to the site www . google . com / analytics and register if there is no account with Google .

Marathon 2009. Google Analytics - Profit Hunter

Next, go to access to Analytics and register an account that we will track:

Marathon 2009. Google Analytics - Profit Hunter

Enter the URL of the site to be monitored, and specify the name to be displayed in Google Analytics reports, country and region of the time zone. If you need to track multiple websites, you can add them after setting up your account. After filling in the contact information at will, the agreement with the conditions Google - we get the tracking code to be inserted on each web page, just before the tag. / body. . Each site Google is assigned a unique ID . If the code is set correctly, then the first data of the site report will appear within 24 hours, as Google Analytics is updated once a day . A check mark will appear in the status column, this will mean that the check is active and you can get acquainted with the first report. The default report is for the last 30 days. On the toolbar you can track the number of visitors per day, the number of pages viewed, the average stay on the site,% of new visitors,% Bounce rate (refusals), territorial visit, tracking of external traffic, from which websites they visited and by what requests, technical data (which browsers they used), the most popular and visited pages

Marathon 2009. Google Analytics - Profit Hunter

get acquainted with each type of traffic in more detail, and get comprehensive information on all visits of your site.

If you do not have a site yet, do not be discouraged, itโ€™s important that you already become familiar with all the main tools and can easily operate with them when you see your own successful project site.

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