Marathon 2009. Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

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Google Alerts - one of the main time-saving tools. Google Alerts performs one useful and quite interesting task. This service allows you to keep abreast of any events or just words. Every day, the email comes with a list of news, recent blog posts, videos and discussions on the selected keyword, subject market or niche. The main thing is that it does not require manual search, Google will do everything by itself.

To sign up for Google Ale rts , you need to go to : www . google . com / alerts

Marathon 2009. Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

If you already have an account with Google , that will automatically tune into your inbox. Enter the search terms, a word or phrase, select places from which we want information (available: news, Internet , groups or all at once) and select the frequency (after each appearance, once a day, once week) , from which digests will drop to your inbox and that's all. Enjoying the result. Next, you can create new searches, delete old ones, refine existing keywords. To filter a huge amount of unnecessary information, the keyword can be specified more specifically, or you can enclose the phrases in quotes, which will simplify the search.

Marathon 2009. Google Alerts - Profit Hunter

Done, now only receive mail every day, check and watch for new information.

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Marathon 2009. Google Alerts - Profit Hunter


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