Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

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Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter If you remember, last year the Marathon RSS-reader was Bloglines. This year Ed decided to go to Google Reader .

He is well known to many of you. According to FeedBurner, 754 people use it among blog readers.

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

I think after this post there will be more such 🙂

(In this place, I, as usual, want to thank the blogger readers who helped me to spread ideas Spring Marathon throughout Runet. And today I want to say thanks to one web @ m Steru, author of the blog AltSeo. Co. Cc.)

About how to use an RSS reader for business purposes, Ed, rather all, will tell in August. Now we will focus only on those features that set it apart from other readers. Like all other readers, Google Reader collects RSS feeds from blogs, websites, customized search engines, information channels, etc. However, it has some advantages that make it the best among equals.

If you’ve studied Google Reader far and wide, this post is unlikely to be interesting, but if this reader is new to you or you want to know how Ed Dale and other Western bloggers and marketers manage to track up to 400 tapes and spend on it a little more than half an hour a day, so this article is for you.

The Google Reader itself is here. To register, you only need to have a Google account (i.e., a mailbox in Gmail).

To get started, you’ll need to set Google Reader as the default RSS reader. In Flock, this is done through Tools -. Options ... -. Feeds , but in FireFox3, it seems, nothing is done (at least I did not find this tab in the settings, although it was in FF2).

Now you need to import all your tapes here from another reader. Since I used Bloglines before, I’ll show the export / import process using Bloglines , (I’m sure that this process will be the same for all readers).

In the lower left corner, find the Export Subscriptions link and click on it.

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

Save the file to your hard drive, open Google Reader and in the bottom left corner find and click the link Manage Subscriptions . In the new window open the tab Import and Export

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

and import the file export. opml from where you saved it.

A small drawback here is that when transferring tapes, entries marked as unread are not saved, so you will have to manually mark them again.

The main advantage of Google Reader

I am sure that many readers already use this feature with all their might, but anyway, I have to tell about it, so that today you can read more tapes for a shorter period of time.

After you transfer the entire list of tapes to Google Reader, new entries will appear in the reader.

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

To view them, you just need to click on the link (this alone makes Google Reader better than Bloglines). By default, they will be displayed in expanded form. Since you need to turn the wheel to even scroll through new entries for a long time, you need to switch the display of new entries to list mode .

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

Now I just have a glimpse of the headers

Marathon 2008 Reader - Google Reader - Profit Hunter

to open the records that interest me, to mark as unread those to which I want to come back later, put an asterisk on those that are valuable to me, or share them with others (Ed will tell about this feature in detail in the following videos).

In total, it took me about 10 minutes to view and read 73 entries. Much less than if I read them through Bloglines (here you also need to take into account the fact that Google Reader records open much faster).

And I also found an interesting post in the Despicable Moneymaker about the perfect template for AdSense 🙂

In general, I have already completely moved to Google Reader. It remains only to note the old posts that have been noted in my Bloglines.

p. with. In Google Reader, there is still a convenient search on tapes and the ability to add new tapes that are close in subject to tapes that are already in your reader (Link Search. above the list of tapes).

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