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Some webmasters (I will not shoot anyone) are not happy with the profits in the Russian segment. Comparing earnings, with the same effort, with a foreign segment, they slowly move "abroad." Knowledge of English, French, Chinese and other languages ​​is very useful, because they help to deal with writing advertisements and content. Today we will talk about earnings in German cinema traffic. Why in German? And why not? Especially since Germany - where we are more advanced and use the Internet there is much more and more dense. Some statistics show that about 80% of people use the Internet in Germany. s.

Total absence of competitors in search engines

MallFilm. com - europrofit for Russian webmasters

MallFilm. com - europrofit on German traffic - Profit Hunter

More than 75% of the population of Germany regularly use the Internet and the complete absence of sites on the direct download of videos

An interesting domain name was chosen by the guys from the MallFilm . The word Mall is translated from German as " shopping center " (literally), and the phrase MallFilm is like" cinema center "or" cinema center ”(literally). This name is quite justified. These words are used in queries. In the arsenal of affiliate program more than 12,000 films in German. And all movies can be downloaded for a direct link. Germans are people of business and time. And time is money. Need a movie? OK. You pay and download immediately, without departing from the cash register.

Currently, the base for creating your own movie center is available for the CMS WordPress engine, which can be downloaded after registering in the webmaster admin panel.

I will give one example of such a cinema center http: // kinozentrum. eu

Banner Formats

We provide language support to our webmasters

Banners of eight most common sizes:

will find their place on various sites. One of them (500x200, Russian version) is already in this review.

Utilities for the webmaster

Low prices and the ability to subscribe makes webmaster's earnings higher, stable and long

Any questions? Good. You will get the answer fairly quickly, since all contact information is available even before registering with affiliate service. The polite support service at any moment is ready to help you with any questions! This is a big plus when tech support is available quickly. Affiliate registration is free.

The only correct solution for German traffic is

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