Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

Site owners need to consider different ways of making money on their site.

Each resource has its own target audience, its own strategy for attracting traffic and its level of conversion. This business requires an individual approach, especially since many interesting options have been thought up now.

How to make paid access to WordPress content? An unusual way to make money even on a simple information resource.

Some information can be hidden from users and offer them to buy a paid account. It is important to understand that it is better to take money for something really worthwhile.

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

WordPress paid content

To put paid access to a specific page, category or section helps one simple plugin.

To whom can this come in handy? Suppose a blogger decided to write an e-book. It can be made in any format and sell, but everyone does. It is much more interesting to create a selection of articles and add them to the section with paid access.

The plugin in question is called WP Pay Access. It is not free, the cost is 2849 rubles. The extension is automatically updated, the developers are constantly changing something (the last update was 5 days ago).

You don’t have much to tell about it, of the main advantages of WP Pay Access is to highlight:

  • the ability to separately put paid access to separate sections and pages;
  • it will be possible for any user to open access anytime and any day;
  • the plugin is managed through the admin panel;
  • 8 payment systems are connected to pay for access to the content;
  • short codes are supported to hide information;
  • the number of paid accounts is not limited;
  • create tariffs with your own conditions With bvomii;
  • you can hide some of the content on the page;
  • full automation of the plug-in.

After installing the extension, immediately take a look at the settings. Everything is done in such a way that everyone will immediately understand the functionality. The name of the accounts is entered arbitrarily, each of them is assigned a certain access time:

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

Separate categories for different types of accounts are closed. For example, you decided to close access to Section 1 and Section 2. The first section is not so important, therefore we set a restriction on the type of Gold accounts (for example, 10 rubles per day).

To the second section, we set access only for VIP and take an increased fee. The settings specify a standard stub that users will see when they get into paid sections (pages):

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

All types of accounts for accessing paid content have a certain period actions. It is set in the settings, after which you will need to spend money again. To prevent users from forgetting this, set up automatic notifications about the end of access:

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

Managing a plugin is easy, it adds new functions in the administrative panel. To give access to a certain type of accounts, it’s enough to go to editing a rubric or record:

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

Everyone decides how much to charge users for viewing paid content. Provide people with a choice, at least it will help reduce the price for the cheapest offer compared to the rest:

Make paid content on Wordpress and earn

It was mentioned above that you can connect several payment instruments. Currently, payment can be received through:

  1. Pay2Pay.
  2. Payeer.
  3. Unitpay.
  4. WalletOne (Single ticket office).
  5. Webmoney.
  6. Interkassa.
  7. Robokassa.
  8. Yandex. Cashbox.

WP Pay Access Plugin is the perfect way to make paid access to WordPress content. He has a good analogue, but it is much more difficult to cope with him, and he was created mainly for those who conduct paid education.

Paid content is useful for making money on the fan site. You can close from the general section of the section, where sports forecasts from professionals are published.

The idea to take money for information is interesting and original. Not many people use this type of monetization, but you need to consider whether the method is suitable for your resource. Perhaps your target audience is not solvent, or the subject chosen is not so serious as to offer paid content.

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