Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

To earn money on the Internet without deposits and not possessing special knowledge, you can use click sponsors. Mailer Webof-sar is one of the resources that offers 8 ways of earning, and also allows you to withdraw money to several payment systems without restrictions on the minimum amount.

Now more than 80 thousand users are registered on Webof-sar, who have already earned more than 900,000 rubles. You can also register at Webof-sar if you have a Webmoney e-wallet. No wallet? Then see our article on registering Webmoney and create your electronic account on the Internet.

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

High-quality mailer Webof-sar

After passing the first step of registration on this site (authorization through Webmoney ), you will need to provide some information about yourself:

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

Without any confirmation of e-mail or e-wallet, you can get to work.

As already mentioned, Webof-sar users are offered 8 ways to earn money:

  • Earnings on referrals.
  • Paid clicks (viewing ads).
  • Banner surfing (viewing banner ads, available only after running your own ad).
  • Autosurfing (automatic site visits).
  • Letters (viewing letters and visiting websites).
  • Downloads (inside the archives there is a secret code, after indicating which your balance is replenished).
  • Questions (you need to visit the site and answer the question, for example, what is written in the header of the site).
  • Tasks (registration in games and on various sites, posting in forums and blogs, writing reviews and much more).

I would like to pay particular attention to earnings on referrals, as well as paid tasks, since these two methods can bring maximum profit.

Affiliate program on Webof-sar

The terms of the affiliate program are unusual. To start making profits from invited users, you need to run your ads. Run for 1 day, you will receive 1%, for 2 days - 2%, etc. You can reach the maximum value of 50% for submitting advertising for 50 days.

To attract referrals, there is a mass of promotional materials, the ability to install a refback, start sending referrals, compose a welcome letter and set bonuses.

There is also a functional for buying and selling referrals. You can sell referrals only if they completed at least 100 clicks and entered your account no earlier than 5 days. Now there are a large number of referrals on the stock exchange:

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

You can buy them and thereby build your referral network that will consistently bring profit.

Earnings on Webof-sar tasks

Attracting new users to such systems is not so easy, so you can earn money using the "Tasks" section. It presents the advertiser’s various requirements for which you will receive money:

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

Select one of the tasks and click on its name to see the details:

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

Here is an example of one of the tasks, you need to follow the link, register and send your login for verification. Click "Start execution", fulfill the requirements, then click "Submit report" and specify the login with which we registered on the advertised site. Everything for some time money will be credited to your balance.

All sorts of bonuses, contests, promotions and a lot of ways to earn money will help you earn a large amount of cash. Where can they be spent? You can withdraw them to payment systems, exchange them for the site’s internal currency, or transfer them to other users:

Mailer Webof-sar, affiliate program on Webof-sar

The multifunctional Webof-sar service can be used not only as a tool for simple earnings . With it, you can chat in the chat, on the forum, publish your articles and even exchange electronic money. The account on this project will not be superfluous, with its help you will be able to perform many functions.

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