Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

There are many useful services on the Internet that are suitable for making money and advertising at the same time.

Beginners should pay attention to them and try to understand the available ways to use popular services. Even clickers can be a useful tool for making money.

Active advertising service is one of the mailers, which is not as popular as Wmmail and Seosprint, but it has its advantages.

The fewer the users, the lower the competition. Plus, non-popular emails are ideal for creating referral networks (both within the system and collecting referrals to other sites).

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

Earnings and advertising on the Internet on Seones

In terms of functionality, the click sponsor is almost the same as its counterparts. Advertisers here are offered the following set of services:

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

Unlike many mailers, here is a directory of articles. For only 100 rubles you can add your texts on this site and place links in them. The site puzmerki is not high , TIC 10 and PR 2, but the attendance is impressive.

How to make money on Seones?

In the " Earn " section there are only 3 points, you can choose one of them:

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

Viewing advertisements and reading emails, these are simple site visits, they are paid too little. As for assignments, this is a great option. There are many tasks on the site and advertisers actively add new orders:

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

All can register and watch the video and it takes very little time. You can sit for a few hours to complete the tasks and withdraw your money to Webmoney or Payeer.

Referral system on Seones

On this site, brings 2 levels of referrals . How much interest depends on the rating of the account:

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

It is not difficult to score a high rating, for this you need to actively attract new participants, complete tasks, order advertising and so on.

Inviting new users is beneficial not only in order to receive interest on their profits, but also for sale on the exchange. Any number of referrals can be put up for sale and make money on it.

It is interesting that the administration also allows you to take referrals for rent.

It is even better to use Seones service to work with referrals in other systems. For example, you can use the popular Wmmail and run tasks on both mailers so that people register under your links. Many use it, try it and you, it is quite profitable.

The administration of the Seones system constantly holds interesting contests for active referrals, generous advertisers, hard-working artists, and so on:

Mailer Seones. How to make money on Seones?

Here is one of the contests of users' activity. As you can see, the prize depends only on how well the contestants will try.

In general, the Seones mailer is great for making newbies. When registering, you will receive 10 kopecks, and every day you can collect a bonus of 15 kopecks. This is a little money, but a nice bonus for a newbie taking the first steps.

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