Looks like Kass is back - Profit Hunter

This event is definitely happy. It would be very unfortunate if Kass's blog was finally bent. It does not please only that I, for some unknown reason, cannot leave my comments there. Whether it throws me into spam, or the provider pushes me the IP from some black list ... In general, I’m making a new type of blog posts - comments on posts of fellow bloggers 🙂

And, as always, I don’t forget thank comrades who helped me in promoting my naebuk. Today, thanks and, naturally, the promised link is sent to a 16-year-old teenager. Eh, if I’d fumbled like that in my 16 years ...

Over the last week, Kass posted a bunch of posts, and I, of course, wanted to congratulate him on his return (by the way, if anyone has already managed to unsubscribe from his RSS, I advise again add his tape to the reader) and comment on a couple of articles.

First article - How to create a literate Landing Page (this is what I often call the landing page in a blog). The picture there is just super, if anyone is interested in the topic of landing pages, print it and hang it on the wall. In the comments to the post one of the readers asked to show a real example of such a page. Here, keep:

Looks like Kass is back - Profit Hunter

The page is taken from here. Almost one to one with the Kass scheme.

Kass also wrote about Google Trends for Websites. So despite the fact that Google writes on the Daily Unique Visitors graph, my firm IMHO is such that the service shows not unique visitors, but page views.

Looks like Kass is back - Profit Hunter

I have never had so many visitors. But the views more or less the same.

And even in RuNet, a service appeared for analyzing the first page of Google and Yandex output on the request of interest - SEParser. ru. But this is not the only useful feature of the service, so I advise you to go in and see what is there and how.

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