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What awaits the global economy tomorrow? What changes will it undergo? How will this affect the country in which you live? Will everything go on a rough gauge, or will the world change beyond recognition?

Answers to these questions are offered by Ruchir Sharma, one of the world's largest investment experts, in his international bestseller Breakthrough Economy. The answers are often unexpected, bold and contradictory to many opinions that now exist in society.


One of the main topics of the book is the analysis of the BRICS investment term, which unites the economies of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which showed outstanding results over the past decade. For this, many experts rushed to christen them with a new economic miracle and predicted that their growth will continue further, and in the near future they will become the new centers of the global economy, while the importance of the G-7 countries will fall.

Ruchir Sharma does not agree with this opinion; He believes that the widely advertised economies of most developing countries are highly overvalued, and their growth has either slowed down or will do so in the near future.

He does not cut one size fits all and explains in detail the basis of his findings for each individual country; what is particularly interesting, he avoids using most of the usual metrics of success and comes up with an unexpected conclusion about who will become the next economic miracle in the future.

Unexpected leaders

Even though Ruchir Sharma even treats developing economies very harshly (especially Brazil and India), he does not think that all of them are doomed to a quick stagnation . However, his predictions are often rather unorthodox, since he draws the reader’s attention to countries, most of which are clearly not widely known to ordinary people, economists: Nigeria, Poland, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, and his "golden medalist" - South Korea. They, according to Sharma, are going to surprise us in the near future.

The book of Ruchira Sharma will be an exciting reading for everyone who is interested in what is really going on in the world, to see an objective assessment of the economy of their country and a forecast for the future made by a recognized expert in this field.

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