Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

According to the author of the article, local directories are a reliable and time-tested earnings model on the Internet. At its core, local directory is a regular directory that differs from its counterparts only in that it sorts various companies and services depending on their location (at local, regional, national and even international levels). These are the same yellow pages, only on the Internet.

The idea of ​​creating a local directory is simple: find a niche, choose a template for a directory, fill the site with content, take care of its promotion in search engines, decide on monetization and start earning.

Local directories are best tied to local domain zones . So domain in the zone. com. au with other things being equal will rise in the Australian issue higher than the domain in the zone. com. That is why the issue of Google in different countries is different.

As an example, the author offers to take a niche gyms in Melbourne . Many residents of this city (as well as many other cities) at one time or another are interested in the location of the halls where they could play sports (lose weight, maintain vitality, etc. in the same spirit), therefore this niche has good potential .

To get started, you need to explore the competition . A simple search on Google shows that we have only one competitor - Good Gym Guide. With the help of the SEO for Firefox plugin, you can immediately check the reference weight of the site. Only 245 links. Therefore, the only advantage of the main competitor is the age of the domain (the site has been operating since the year 2000).

The next step is searching for relevant keywords .

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Google Trends shows that the number of requests for the word gym in Victoria County, Australia, is gradually increasing, and that sudden surges occur during the Christmas holidays and New Year. Although these data do not provide the exact number of requests, the presence of a graph in itself suggests that a niche in this area is quite popular.

Now you need to find specific key phrases for which you will sharpen the catalog. Here are some of the relevant phrases for the suburbs and the names of the halls (obtained using the Keywords Analyzer):

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Since there are many hall names, the catalog can be divided into several sections and sharpen sections for phrases like " (hall name) gym in (city / suburb name)” . Also, these key phrases can be used as the basis for the content content of the site. The only thing you need to remember is that keyword search tools often omit words in the plural. So the Keywords Analizer gives the phrase " curve gym ", though, with Korea of ​​all, it means “ curves gym ” (a well-known network of gyms in Australia).

The author of the article recommends using Wordtracker to search for related groups of key phrases.

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Personal training, health club, fitness club and their derivatives are additional key phrases for which you should also create separate localized pages.

Some useful information can be found using the Google Keyword Tool.

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Now that you have a good base of key phrases, it's time to start creating a directory.

At this stage, you need to collect information on local cities and suburbs. Start with larger points (for example, Melbourne) and go to smaller ones.

The fourth step is domain registration. Ideally, you should come up with something memorable and at the same time relevant to your niche.

The fifth stage is the definition of the site structure. The author advises not to dwell on the structure and use the standard layout like this:

Local directories as a reliable source of profit - Profit Hunter

Consider the structure of the site so that the internal pages are separated from the main one with as few subfolders as possible. This will increase the value of the directory in the eyes of search engines and potential advertisers. The author recommends including a list of cities and suburbs in the left sidebar.

Each internal page should have its own unique title (title tag.), For example:

  • main page - Gyms. Fitness Centers in (country / region / city name) ;
  • categories - Gyms in (city / suburb name) ;
  • separate gyms - (gym name) in (city / suburb name) .

As for the platform on which your directory will stand, you can even use WordPress - it does not play a big role. Of course, if you want to tie something like a shopping basket to the site, you will have to find a more advanced solution.

Over time, when the catalog begins to make a profit and you have time to refine it, you can connect new cities / regions to it, for example:

  • melbourne. domain com. au
  • sydney. domain com.au
  • perth. domain com. au

As soon as the site is ready, you need to gain traffic to it. For this, the author of the article suggests launching a campaign in AdWords (for $ 600-1000) and sending out press releases. Thanks to these methods, one of its catalogs already gave 160000+ hits (per month) in the second month of its existence.

Traffic is what your potential advertisers need, so you should carefully monitor where it comes from and how it can be increased. Do not forget to track clicks on outgoing links in order to be aware of how many conversions each advertiser receives.

Monetizing the directory

There are five main ways to monetize local directories. You can use them all together or separately. According to the author of the article, catalogs bring good profits even from AdSense alone, so monetizing their work will not make up, the main thing is to attract traffic.

Now ways to monetize in order:

  1. AdSense. The easiest way to profit from the catalog. Hang the AdSense code as soon as you launch the site.
  2. Affiliate Programs. Some gyms offer sales fees. In addition, there are many physical and informational goods. which can also be promoted on the pages of the catalog (for example, ebuk "How to pump your biceps” or diet pills).
  3. Banner advertising. The cost of advertising is usually calculated based on the number of impressions (CPM ). Pricing for local directories can be as high as $ 10 per thousand impressions. For the most efficient banner management, use the OpenAds program.
  4. Accommodation fee . If you can interest the advertiser and provide him with a unique service, You can take an annual fee for advertising pages on your site. In this case, you naturally have to take care of the attendance of this page, otherwise you will lose the advertiser.
  5. Selling the database. If you collect the full database of gyms in Australia , someone will buy it.

Other potentially profitable niches:

  • adult services;
  • dental clinics;
  • churches;
  • hairdressers;
  • restaurants ...

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