Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

The growing popularity of cryptocurrency is forcing more and more Internet users to dive into the topic and still invest. Buy any coins and wait for their price increase will be able to each.

It is not necessary to look for thousands of dollars on Bitcoins, there are many analogues, but in order to start investing, you need quality service.

Exchange - cryptocurrency trading in Russian, positive reviews, good reputation, low commissions. There are many other reasons to register here.

In all TOPs this project takes the first places, in terms of turnover it does not lag behind the leaders, besides it offers some unique functions.

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Livecoin Exchange 2017 - the reputation is impeccable

The team of real professionals is engaged in the development of this project. How to conduct transactions, buy altcoins, sell them and withdraw money, we will show.

One of the main advantages of the exchange is a huge choice of currency pairs. Of the most popular coins, currently available:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

The list is constantly updated, because the administration accepts applications from ICO Startups. A decent fee is charged for adding tokens to the system; not every developer can allocate 4 BTC for such pleasure.

The huge choice of currency pairs is not the only advantage of the exchange, there are other advantages:

  • the higher the trading volume, the lower the transaction fee (from 0. 02 % to 0. 18%);
  • high-quality Russian-language interface (and not an incomprehensible translation, like others);
  • high level of security;
  • recharge in national currencies;
  • verification is not mandatory (if the turnover is not large, then it is not needed);
  • a large selection of ways to withdraw funds (in fiat money);
  • minimum commissions for withdrawal;
  • an interesting game of cryptocurrency is available;
  • there is a referral system.

We will tell you about some of the advantages separately, because they distinguish this exchange from its counterparts. Reputation Livecoin continues to strengthen, here every day thousands of new customers are registered.

Register for Livecoin

To register, go to the Livecoin official website and at the top (right) click on the button to open an account. A form will immediately appear asking for your login, password and email. You will need to immediately go to the Email and confirm the creation of the account:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

It is important to ensure the safety of your assets, so after the first login to your account, immediately go to the "Security" section and go to advanced level, all instructions will provide you:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

By completing these simple steps, you can immediately deposit funds and trade.

How to replenish and withdraw money from Livecoin?

The management of the internal balance on this exchange is the most convenient. In the main menu there is a special item to go to all your accounts:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

For convenience, balance sheets for fiat money are added to a separate table. To replenish your account, you do not need any exchangers, choose the national currency and click "Deposit":

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Depending on the chosen currency, different ways of making a deposit are offered. For example, rubles were chosen, a system is available for them (through it you can replenish from cards, via mobile operators and other means), Payeer, QIWI and AdvCash:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Forms are simple, enter the amount, the commission is immediately calculated, it remains only to carry out the operation. If you decide to replenish the balance with cryptocurrencies, then by analogy click "Deposit" opposite the desired coins and a window will open with the address where you need to make a transfer:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Now how to withdraw money from Livecoin Next to the recharge button there is a button for output. You press in front of the currency that is on the balance sheet and in exactly the same way a list of tabs with different ways appears. This time we chose USD to show an example:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

You can also output cryptocurrencies, also click on the appropriate button, enter the amount and specify the purse number. In terms of deposit / withdrawal of funds, the Live Coin exchange gives odds to even more well-known competitors.

Trading on a Livecoin crypto-trading table

Those who have already conducted transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges will definitely not face difficulties. In the "Trade" section, you will see a regular list of currency pairs and a chart with some settings. Under it are forms for opening orders. Everything is simple and convenient, nothing superfluous:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

To create an application for the purchase or sale of some coins, you need to fill out special forms. They indicate the number of tokens and their cost. The total amount will be calculated immediately.

You can go to market orders so that the price is automatically filled based on current quotes:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

No exchange changes the currency, transactions are carried out directly between the participants. Therefore, after opening the order, you will have to wait until the counter offer appears.

If you don’t want to wait, then it’s better to immediately select one of the orders of other users:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

The most advantageous offers are always shown above. Just click on them, the form will automatically be filled in and you just have to press the button (sell / buy). Statistics are maintained for each account, you can always see closed and open orders.

The game from the Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange

One of the distinguishing features of the project is a game of chance. You can bet on raising or lowering the rate of Bitcoin.

For example, on December 25th they launched a new game, then BTC cost $ 14,000. It can be assumed that it will cost more or become cheaper by betting from 0. 001 BTC:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

The prize fund is formed at the expense of the losing users. The winner gets his bid back and part from the fund.

As you can see, there are now 6 rates for depreciation and 23 rates for promotion. Suppose all the players have made a minimum bet and in 2 days the course will still rise.

Between the 23 users who made the correct prediction 0. 006 BTC will be played. At the current rate, it is almost $ 100, then everyone will get about $ 4. 5.

And if, on the contrary, the rate drops, 0. 023 BTC ($ 360) will be played between 6 users. Each of them will receive $ 60.

Livecoin Referral Program

Any game of chance is accompanied by risks, so in terms of earnings, it is better not to consider it.

If you want to make some extra money, and even start-up capital for trading is not large, then it is better to use an affiliate program. This is the only exchange where partners are offered to choose the conditions:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Of course, it is better to choose a perpetual tariff, because it allows you to create a passive source of profit. Let people trade, and you receive a percentage of the commission, which the exchange takes (we recall, it is here to 0. 18%).

And do not forget that on the cryptocurrency exchanges some traders can carry out 20-50 transactions per day.

Partners can access regular links, banners, a widget for sites and Livecoin referral code. Spread your code anywhere you need people to enter it during registration.

Feedback on the Livecoin Cryptocurrency Exchange

One of the main factors that traders rely on when choosing an exchange for trading cryptocurrency is the reviews.

About Livecoin on the Internet is full of them, because the service is popular. Due to the mass of advantages, the exchange wins many competitors, so the reviews about it are often positive:

Livecoin cryptocurrency exchange, review, deposit and withdrawal

Although there is a negative, it often comes down to authorization problems. Someone did not disable IP binding, some have not correctly configured two-factor authentication. Therefore, be careful when setting your parameters.

The LightCoin cryptocurrency exchange or as it is also called Livkoin has worked well over the years. It is constantly improving, developing and new coins are added to it.

For a Russian-speaking audience, this is the best option, reliability is guaranteed by numerous reviews and an impeccable reputation.

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