List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions

Time passes, there are more and more ways to make money on the Internet. Many of them are connected to social networks. Now in the trend Telegram, despite its ban in Russia, people continue to use the messenger using VPN. And the bots created here allow you to earn different tokens without investments.

This page contains TOP 10 best Telegram bots for making money. He brought 18 000 rubles from them himself, showed it in one of the rollers on his channel:

Income from bots is unlimited, and anyone can work with them. Actions are somewhat different, but beginners will definitely cope with tasks, an example will be presented below.

List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions

What is a bot for earning in Telegrams?

Newbies do not understand how bots work in the messenger , therefore, they are afraid to start using them. In fact, everything is very simple. An algorithm is created, as for a normal service, and control occurs through text commands. For convenience, in order not to have to remember the commands, the developers create a simple interface.

On our blog there is a detailed article about earnings in Telegrams on your channel, bots and other ways.

Below is an example of using one of the most popular bots. On it pay tokens for performing light tasks through YouTube or Vkontakte. The work is offered a different job, but most often it is simple and suitable for dazhenovichkam.

An example of how a Telegram bot works for earning without investments

The easiest way to figure it out is by looking at an example. To do this, we will use the Telegram bot to earn money on RKT8 likes, we also already told about it in the article Telegram bot RKT8. Therefore, now we’ll just show, how the tasks are carried out here:

  1. We start the dialogue with the bot, perform all the suggested steps (set the password, specify the login, etc.). Then we connect your accounts from social networks through settings. Now you can choose a section with new tasks:
List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions
  1. This bot offers work through Vkontakte and Youtube. For example, we select a video hosting service, a description of one of the orders opens, the user decides whether to execute it or refuse to proceed to another task:
List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions
  1. Each step is painted, but when you perform it you will not get confused, because all actions are performed alternately and after they are executed, you must click "Next Action":
List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions
  1. In our example, we are asked to watch the video, subscribe to the channel, leave a comment and subscribe to the Telegram channel. After completing all these actions, messages about successful work and transfer of tokens to the balance appear in the chat:
List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions

They earn money through other schemes in the same way Telegrambots. Nothing complicated, because there is a menu to manage your account. Just remember, not only tokens are charged for the work, these can be rubles or dollars, which can be immediately transferred to your e-wallet.

Telegram bots for earning 2019

Recently, these bots appear like mushrooms afterwards. But not all of them are of high quality, some are too complicated or unfinished. In order to accurately get money for the work, we recommend only the best:

  1. .

BitSocial is created for those who want to earn and for those who want to promote their project. For each task in the social. network, you will receive an award in the form of EDC. Tasks are easy, and it is convenient to perform them. Service with many advantages, making a profit to all participants in the process. More details in the video:

Also look at the continuation about earnings at Bitsocial:

  1. .

We have already spoken about this bot and even provided examples of how to complete the task above. The project is interesting, tokens are constantly growing in price. In addition to the fact that there are always a lot of tasks, there is a profitable affiliate program and provides bonuses for holding coins. The administration conducts various actions and contests, the developers have serious plans for development.

With this bot, you can easily make money from viewing advertising posts and subscribing to other channels. Pay for views on 1 5 kopecks, for subscriptions of 12 kopecks. There are many tasks, and the minimum amount for withdrawal is 10 rubles. Translations only on QIWI. There is a referral system, 2 levels of 15% and 5%.

A similar bot, only here they tied a pirate theme. You will receive piastres (rubles) for viewing posts and subscribing to channels. Po2 and 4 pennies, respectively. Payments here are available from 29 rubles for Yandex or Kiwi wallet. There is a 2-level affiliate program, referral income is 15% and 5%.

Through this bot, users make money on viewing the bridges (0. 02 p.), Subscribing to channels (0. 2 p.) And attracting friends (1. 2 R. ).The withdrawal is available on the most popular payment systems from 20 rubles. Pay for each referral 0. 2 p. , another ruble comes in if he fulfills 10 subscriptions. In addition, there is a 2-level affiliate 10% -5% (from income and expenses).

Earnings on subscriptions, views of posts and invitations to friends. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 12 rubles, payments to Yandex and Qiwi once in two days. For each attracted user is paid 15 kopecks. Also, interest comes from 3 levels (25% -15% -10% for subscriptions and views).

Pays from 20 kopecks for subscriptions and post views. From the income of a surplus comes 20% from level 1, 15% from level 2 and 8% from level 3. If you find an advertiser, get 5% of the replenishment. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 rubles for Yandex or Kiwi. In this bot there is a chat where you can chat with other users.

The bot is divided into two, the first one offers earnings for 30 kopecks and with output to Yandex, Kiwi or WebMoney. The second one is offering earnings on views of posts with payment of 7 kopecks and those withdrawals only without WebMoney. Invite referrals, earn 30% (plus 15% from level 2).

Earn on subscriptions and post views from 2 kopecks. It is important that you cannot unsubscribe during the week, otherwise the money will be deducted from the balance. Withdrawal at Kiwi or Yandex, the minimum amount of 10 rubles. In the affiliate program level 2, 20% and 10% respectively. This bot also has a separate chat.

See posts, subscribe to channels and call friends to get 10% of their income. Payments are made on Kiwi and Yandex wallets, the minimum amount is 10 rubles. You may also need a bot to order advertising. Prices here are low, only 0. 04 p. for viewing posts and subscriptions from 0. 45p. (mailing to all users costs 1200 p.).

Foreign bot, available in Russian. It is the most interesting, because there is an exchange of tasks. Pay more than the competition, for subscriptions out 48 kopecks. Payments are made on Bitcoin and Advcash wallets from $ 1. Invite users and get 10% of their top-ups and revenues.

All bots are verified, and in the video above I show how I get payments from them. Of course, they do not bring a lot of money, because the work is elementary and there are not many orders. But you try the commissions, they take a couple of seconds. In addition, each bot has an affiliate program, this is a real opportunity to create a passive source of profit.

How many bring the best bots to earn money in Telegrams?

I already said in the title of the article that I received 18,000 rubles from all the presented bots . This is just one time, I order payments from them stably. There are other videos on my channel that provide statistics and show how much you can get from bots:

You can earn decent money on them, but only if you use affiliate programs. Now this topic is relevant, many are interested in it. Be sure to look where and how to find referrals quickly and for free. On this page we have collected the best ways, really do without our site.

How to create a bot for earning in Telegrams?

In conclusion, I would like to answer the popular question among beginners. Some do not want to do their own work for a penny. They want to launch their own project and receive decent fees. To make a quality bot requires some knowledge.

If you have read this page before this point, then most likely you do not have programming skills. In this case, the only option left is to contact the developers. They can be found on the stock exchange, private freelancers take less than services and companies:

List of the best Telegram bots for earnings without investments on likes, subscriptions

The price will have to be negotiated individually. Consider, in addition to paying for the developer’s work, you will have to invest in the promotion of your bot. Due to the high competition, it becomes more difficult to make a bot popular. All the above bots can be useful for you to promote your project.

Easy tasks with increased payment can be done without Telegram. For this purpose, special services were created, which we presented on the page about earnings in social networks.

Plus real bots for earning Telegrams is the ability to quickly perform work from a mobile device. While the topic is only gaining momentum, there are not so many advertisers, but projects are developing rapidly. The list of telegram bots will help you earn the first money, and we recommend that you use their affiliate programs more actively because it is profitable.

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