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Some Internet users using e-commerce do not want anyone to inquire and learn more about them.

They are looking for ways to keep accounts anonymously, but almost all popular bills now require verification and are openly working with law enforcement agencies.

Anonymous payment systems exist and there are not so few of them. Using them is as easy as Webmoney, Yandex. Money and their analogues.

In this article, we’ll tell you what payments you should use to people who want to remain anonymous, and you can hide your income and expenses.

List of anonymous payment systems | Workion. ru

How to make anonymous payments on the Internet?

If you want to keep your electronic accounts with complete anonymity, it is better to use cryptocurrency. They do not have data centers, respectively, no one can track the financial transaction.

We have already told you how to withdraw Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Litecoin cryptocurrency, so there shouldn't be any problems with that.

There is also a minus in cryptocurrency, they are rarely used, so it makes sense to open e-wallets in anonymous bills. This article will discuss the most popular EPS, here is a small comparison:

List of anonymous payment systems | Workion. ru

Were selected only popular payment methods used by many services. Also, most of them are available in the system where you can find the exchanger. You can change Kiwi, PayPal and other virtual currencies at a favorable rate:

List of anonymous payment systems | Workion. ru

Be sure to save the monitoring of exchangers to your bookmarks, it can be useful for withdrawing funds.

In the "Receive" list, you can choose cards of various banks, although in this case, your anonymity will disappear, because large banks do not hide information. The only way to recover it is to use offshore cards.

List of anonymous payment systems

In the comparative table you could already see which payment systems offer anonymity to customers. Now let's look at them in more detail:

  1. - in popularity, among anonymous payment systems, this company has no equal. It is now increasingly used even by large sites (available in all games with a withdrawal of money). The fees are somewhat high, but there are many ways to withdraw funds and you can order an offshore card.
  2. - a few years ago, it was the best anonymous payment system. Commissions for verified and unverified users differ 4 times. But the payment is very popular and is also often found on many sites. Also of the minuses worth noting sending SMS (confirmation of operations) for 10 cents.
  3. - the limits for non-verified users make up $ 2500 per month. This is one of the reasons to register the wallet here. Also, they collaborate with Webmoney (there is a transfer function). What else is attractive company, so this opportunity to order a plastic card.
  4. - a card for anonymous payments can be obtained in this payment, but the monthly limit here is only $ 300. Transfers are available in different directions, however, you have to pay a large commission for this (the internal accounts are 0. 5%). But the security here is excellent.
  5. - often this payment is used in the best online casinos. It is the oldest of this list, appeared in 1999, but their site is modern. In the year on the wallet available turnover of only $ 2000. There are some problems with the withdrawal of funds, exchangers are not so easy to find.
  6. - firstly, there is no Russian language here, secondly, the design is outdated and inconvenient, and thirdly, the service does not work with payment systems popular in RuNet. And now attention! The monthly limit for unverified users is $ 10,000. Security is average, you can order a plastic card issue.
  7. - was created in 2013 by Russians. The design of the site is not bad, but the personal account is not professionally executed, and security is lame. Internal transfers are accompanied by a commission of 0. 5%, verification is not required at all, withdrawal and replenishment only through exchangers.
  8. - most often site owners use this payment system to receive payments. The system is anonymous, but the output from it is possible only on Bitcoin. Although this is not a problem, you can easily find exchangers and transfer funds to other payment systems and PrivatBank cards.

If we compare these services on commission when replenishing, then Perfect Money becomes the most profitable (however, like when withdrawing funds). But you need to rely not only on this indicator, there are many other factors that need to be assessed when choosing a payment system.

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