Links on the machine - Profit Hunter

Service rss2bookmark allows you to automatically post all articles from the feed of your sites to social bookmarking services. And you can post at once in several accounts.

I would like to note the following features:

  • Unlimited number of sites.
  • There is no limit on the number of added accounts.
  • List of supported social plots: Moemesto, Memori, Bobrdobr, Klikz, Postquickly, Mister-wong, Text20, Feed2. net, 100zakladok, Links. i. ua. This list will naturally grow.
  • Ability to send, as a single bookmark, and completely feed.
  • Automating the posting of bookmarks from the feed.
  • Availability of convenient statistics.
  • Pleases the eyes with a beautiful easy and convenient interface:

Links on the machine - Profit Hunter

  • I liked the automatic filling of tags. Usually taken from the title of the article.

Links on the machine - Profit Hunter

The only restriction that turned your attention is that you can submit at the same time to no more than 3 accounts. What accounts it will be, you choose.

For what purpose can it be used? To attract a huge amount of traffic Links on the machine - Profit Hunter

In my opinion, the only thing missing in the functionality is the availability of automatic registration of accounts in the supported social bookmarking services. But this is most likely a matter of time.

In order not to allow social bookmarking services to be completely clogged, the service was paid. Cost only $ 5 / month . And if you take for a longer period, then it leaves a penny at all.

If you are a blogger, you can get access for a month for free. To do this, write a review of the service on your blog.

Before use, be sure to read the FAQ.

* For publicity.

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