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Today we’ll talk about software from must have . Why?

With today's Yandex algorithms, it’s more important than ever for the optimizer to know the quality of the donor where he buys the link. Today's Yandex algorithms:

  • with a bang determine govnosity
  • do not take into account the links in large blocks
  • do not take into account links close to the tag. / body.
  • banned pages with many links and little text
  • thousands of sites are sent to the bank every day

As a result, the effectiveness of promotion decreases and budgets increase . It is hard not to agree. As they say: “You can't throw the words out of a song”

5 years ago nobody spoke about the TOS. They riveted them all hundreds and Yandex ate them excellently. The exchange of links cluttered them. Today the conditions are getting tougher (for the better). Quality Donors and acceptors are more important than quantity. A simple question arises: how among the multitude of optimizers when buying links to weed out HS sites from good ones?

Simple testing of hundreds of donors with pens means time-consuming and ungrateful work. How?

LinkMaster 3. 0

What is LinkM aster?

LinkMaster is a program for comprehensive assessment of the quality of donors and automation of work with exchanges. Do you want to look at donors through the eyes of Yandex? Throw in time in the garbage of donor suicide bindings for your websites? Saves your budget when you buy the “right” links, and not in bulk, and you don't know what? If yes, read on.

LinkMaster Functionality

Software Functionality is one of the weighty competing and user requirements. And LinkMaster has both. For a comprehensive analysis of links, donors ..., decision-making, this software appeared on the market first. Write about LinkMaster in this article is not a rewrite. Therefore, I will list its capabilities:

1. Able to work with the SAPE

exchange. Buying, say, 500 links, it is physically impossible to check them all by hand. When dozens of sites - this is a manual hell. How can Linkmaster help us?

LinkMaster - a complete optimizer solution - Profit Hunter

  • Download as all links in the project and from a specific page
  • Withdrawing references
  • Adding to GBL
  • Adding to Favorites
  • Working with applications: Loading, Rejecting, Confirming

2. Able to work with the exchange XAP

  • Download all links from your account, as well as from a specific project
  • Remove links and add domains to GBL

3. Indexing, PS, directories, etc.

LinkMaster - a complete optimizer solution - Profit Hunter

  • Analysis of the indexation of the page
  • Analysis of the indexation of your link, s Detection of webmaster’s tricks (link outside body, link in noindex, link inside script block)
  • Determining the number of links on a page in the Yandex cache
  • Determining the position of your link on a page
  • Determining the density of links on the page
  • Determining the number of links in the block, next to your
  • Tic of the site
  • PR page and the main page
  • Determining presence in the Ya.
  • Directory Definition in DMOZ
  • Checking the Nesting Level of the Page
  • Determining the total number of external ones from the
  • Domain The number of pages in the index of Yandex
  • Number of pages in the index at Google
  • Number of pages in the index at Yahoo
  • Backs in Yahoo and I. Blog
  • Domain Age
  • Possibility to switch the check from the cache to a live copy of the site
  • Possibility to set your own rate for converting the price of links downloaded from the exchange

Tax, there is something else. ... And, here:

  • One field for which you can specify your formula and consistently find the values ​​that interest you (for example, the ratio of pages in the index to the number of external links from the domain)
  • Ability to use both a driver (for small pages with links) and MS Excel for downloading links from SAPE
  • Sorting and filtering capabilities, support for displaying Yandex-captch and Guglokapch and their ability Ignore (for example, if the program runs at night)

And that's not all. Next yourself. Go to the software page. On the site you will find the manual, the answers to the purchase and installation, FAQ, etc.

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