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Linkbuilding is a serious matter. What do foreign optimizers take into account when link building? The answer is taken from a well-known authoritative source. SEOMOZ

Link building (link bulding) requires great effort, patience and consistency. By execution, link building is one of the most difficult and time-consuming SEO tasks to get a good website ranking. Some strategies are well known to most optimizers, while others are only available to experts. I will try to list in this article a number of tactics applied with the SEO community.

1. Directories

Among webmasters, as well as among optimizers, there are those who are convinced that today directories and directories play little of their role in link building. I can assure you that the relevance of creating backlinks to your expensive site remains relevant. I have compiled an exhaustive list of SEO directories, including high PR pages. He also compiled a list of directory requirements. I will highlight a couple of important points when placing links in directories:

  1. Anchor text links should be different
  2. Use keywords in the description and title as naturally as possible
  3. For good SEO you get about 75-150 backlinks only from directories. This is already a lot.

2. TOP competition

This is not an easy tactic. But it gives the largest number of visitors to the site. The essence of it is to get links to your resource in search engines Yahoo, Google, MSN on each page from the top search results. Phoned site owners, write emails and tactfully offer link exchange or some other option. I even used ordinary letters to persuade resource owners to give me a link. What do you agree on, the question. Money, SEO services, copyright, etc. All this can be the currency for acquiring valuable backlinks.

3. Finding links

This strategy is as old as the world. Today it is a whole science. And most optimizers use this strategy. The goal is to use Google / Yahoo to search for relevant pages. We need to find the pages to which you can add a link. And it will be very good if we find a free page with high PR. The following search query templates deserve attention. And do not be afraid to experiment.

  1. intitle: add + url "key phrase"
  2. intitle: sign + site "key phrase"
  3. intitle: sign + url "key phrase"
  4. intitle: add + site "key phrase"
  5. intitle: add + your + site "key phrase”
  6. intitle: directory “key phrase”
  7. intitle: list “key phrase”
  8. intitle: sites “key phrase”
  9. intitle: add + link + ”keyword”

All the above queries can be used without the "intitle” and give more results. The main thing is to kill ourselves, that we will get a quality link. Do not type Follow the links to everything. If the page fits your anchor and okolankornogo text and has PR 0, do not worry.

4. Usurping competitive links

Although it may seem indecent, but it is one of the most effective ways to strengthen links. And this is usually practiced.The goal is to find domains and pages of competitors to get a link back from the pages of their sites. This is often easier than it seems, because the site already has a connection with people in your industry. Money, services, etc., will help solve such issues. You can agree on a simple link exchange.

5. Writing articles and publishing

Writing unique, valuable content content about your website is the most critical part of SEO. It can also create literally fantastic backlinks from other sites. Many existing sites take information from content hosts. This gives you an additional back link to the site. Here are a number of such content hosting sites:

  • Idea Marketers - http: // www. ideamarketers. com / writers. cfm
  • Buzzle. com - http: // www. buzzle. com / secure / become-editor. asp
  • EBooksnBytes - http: // www. ebooksnbytes. com / articles / submit. shtml
  • Article Central - http: // thewhir. com / find / articlecentral / suggest. asp
  • Go Articles - http: // www. goarticles. com / ulogin. html
  • EzineArticles - http: // ezinearticles. com / submit /
  • AMAzines - http: // amazines. com /
  • Article City - http: // www. articlecity. com / article_submission. shtml
  • BPubs. com - http: // www. bpubs com / cgi / add. cgi
  • Business Know-How - businessknowhow. com / newsletter / articleguidelines. htm
  • WWIO - http: // www. certificate. net / wwio / ideas. shtml
  • About. com - http: // sbinformation. about. com / library / blsubmission. htm
  • NetterWeb. com - http: // www. netterweb. com / articles /
  • Simply Search 4it - http: // www. simplysearch4it. com / article / addart. php
  • Vector Central Marketing - http: // www. / articles-form. html
  • Learning Folder - http: // www. learningfolder. com / SubmitArticle. aspx
  • Knowledge Bed - http: // www. knowledgebed. com / submission. html
  • Article Insider - http: // www. articleinsider. com / start. php
  • Articles that Sell - http: // www. articlesthatsell. com / submityourarticle. htm
  • Smart Ads - http: // www. smartads. info / articles /
  • Writing Career - http: // www. writingcareer. com / freearticles-submit. html

This is a small fraction of the thousands of similar resources. Sites of the Marketing and Technology topics are especially in demand.

6. Forums and on-line communities

Posting links to forums may turn out to be spam if you post them incorrectly. Forums are a valuable link building tool. The main thing - the right methods. The link in the personal signature is the correct promotion of your site. You’ll often see offers on new directories, articles, etc. on SEO forums.

Also taking an active part in discussions, you can leave a link to a site with a more detailed answer to the stated topic or some other useful information for this topic. Conclusion - communicate on topics known to you so that there is something to offer. Your qualifications — your ranking — your new partners — new backlinks.

7. Blogs and Comments

Blogs are an effective way to get natural external links. Do not spam blogs with your ads. Your goal is to create a reputation that you can be proud of. Blogs are personal territory and the opinion of you and your comments here is weight. Comments should be tactful, thoughtful and to the point. Why is it important? Relevant answers will be in search results. And this leads to your link to the site.

Another point. Not all links in the comments are open. A lot of bloggers close them from search engines. Therefore, your attention should be focused in the comments not on SEO, but on the readers of this blog. However, natural comments with SEO in mind will only benefit you.

8. Rental pages from reputable sites

This strategy is not used frequently, but can be very useful. Posting your article with your links for a monthly fee on reputable sites in your industry. I hope that you will not post more than 2 links in the text.

The difference between such a strategy and content hosting is that you place information on sites that do not accept other non-industry information. This is a strong relevance factor. And it greatly affects the search results.

9. Buying ads

The link with this strategy is presented through advertising. The method is very expensive, but it can create a very strong reverse effect of links with the right approach. For this strategy, you need to spend a lot of analytics and corrections in advertising campaigns: ad text and anchor, click price, research of competitors' requests and other statistics. There are many context, banner and reference networks, such as DoubleClick, in which you can choose the type of advertising company that is suitable for you. This strategy requires constant funding.

10. Link brokers

These are the resources that place your links on webmaster sites. If your only goal is to raise PR, then I recommend buying links to the pages of the entire site, and not just to the main page. Also, there is the possibility of manipulating SEO and the impact on search results. The downside is that such a method with a purely technical approach is absolutely useless to the user. Therefore, you yourself have to decide what strategy to conduct working with reference brokers: for PS or for users.

The key to success here is that you can freely apply all SEO techniques. For example, a few questions that can help you find a relevant page for your link:

  1. Is this page closely related to the subject matter of your site?
  2. Where will the link be placed: at a strategic position or footer or other advertising space?
  3. Is the site as a whole related to the theme of your website?
  4. Are the site pages indexed? What is their PR?

It is not always helpful to place links on expensive pages with a high 7-8 PR. It is better to place cheaper, it is on pages with PR 4-5.

  1. Link Sellers - list of text sponsored text links (Text Link Ad)
  2. Text Link Brokers - discussions + links from SEO forums

11. Providing services and tools

By offering specific, free (paid) services on the Internet on your website, you can build natural backlinks from other sites whose owners used your services and left a review or link, etc. My recommendation is to provide new services that are not yet on the market, or you can improve some kind of services, create your own.

For example:

  1. For a travel site, the service can be route maps based on customer requests
  2. For real estate - information about real estate prices depending on the region, time and year, etc.

12. Software to automatically create backlinks

Many optimizers believe that automated link building is a sure way to get banned from search engines. Although, if you practice this strategy and are willing to take risks, this can give a lot of weight to your site. Hidden network of sites brings higher ratings. Here it is important to consider the following points. And they initially swing provider selection:

  1. Distribution of the network into different blocks of IP addresses
  2. Pages that have some relevant content and linked through sitemap
  3. Pages should look like can be more natural
  4. Ask and consult with trusted SEO experts and never discuss your network on the forums. Especially in the forums of companies with which you work and order services from them

13. Charity

Many high PR websites are run by charitable organizations, open-source groups, etc. Your time, money and resources in exchange for links are worth it. If you focus only on your segment, then finding links for a partnership will be very difficult. Expand your search and look at the pages of other topics. Participate and increase your value.

How and where to find such sites? I use the PR Search tool service, where I search for websites for different key phrases, such as donate (donate), donate, make contributions, etc. Remember that even if it is a non-profit charitable foundation, etc., they can publish your link, if you ask them about it, because not all funds publish links.

14. Press Releases

A press release written by an SEO company will contain a clearly articulated title, relevant text and necessary keywords and phrases with links to your site. Success here depends on the quality of the article itself, written in such a way as to interest the reader and encourage them to visit your site. Such press releases are paid and sometimes costly (about a few hundred dollars).

I will give a number of SEO companies:

  • www. prleap. com
  • www. prweb. com
  • www. free-press-release. com
  • www. press-world. com / add
  • www. pressbox. co. uk
  • www. inthepress. en
  • www. e-xl. com

15. Natural link building

This strategy is difficult because it takes a lot of time. But - one of the most reliable strategies, giving your site the qualities that most popular sites on the Internet possess. By participating in online communities, you will get natural links at the expense of other user sites.

This strategy creates popularity of your site practically due to your credibility, activity and usefulness for other users and is almost devoid of any SEO tricks. Therefore, choosing this strategy, you should have patience and initiative in mind, look for fresh ideas, information that may be useful to others, win the attention of others, etc.


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